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Privileged Members' Offers for Selected Philips Products
專享禮遇  - 精選飛利浦產品優惠

Promotion Period : till Dec 31, 2023
Promo Code: The promo code(s) assigned to you
優惠碼: 您獲得的指定優惠碼

Enjoy 35% off for the following Philips selection.

Promo Code:  The promo code assigned to you for 35% off
優惠碼: 您獲得的65折優惠碼
Enjoy 30% off for the following Philips selection.

Promo Code:  The promo code assigned to you for 30% off
優惠碼: 您獲得的7優惠碼
Enjoy 20% off for the following Philips selection.

Promo Code:  The promo code assigned to you for 20% off
優惠碼: 您獲得的8優惠碼

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The special offers for selected Philips products featured on this page are only confined to designated members. 

  2. The promotion period is valid from now till Dec 31, 2023 while stocks last.

  3. Customers are required to enter the designated promotion code in order to enjoy the discount offer.

  4. Customers are entitled for 2 years' warranty service.

  5. Local goods delivery fee is covered in the price listed EXCEPT for outlying islands and remote areas.  For details, please check in for the coverage area.

  6. Customers can choose to receive the goods through SF EP Locker by providing the locker details in the address fields.

  7. All sales are final.  Products cannot be returned or exchanged.

  8. For any disputes, Winner Smart International Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.

  9. If you have any questions about the products, offers, ordering procedures, delivery status, etc., please contact our customer hotline at 2618 7388.



  1. 此專頁的飛利浦產品優惠只適用於指定會員。

  2. 推廣期至2023年12月31日止  。產品數量有限,售完即止。

  3. 顧客必須於網上交易過程中輸入指定優惠碼方可享用優惠。

  4. 顧客可享2年產品保養服務。

  5. 售價已包含順豐本地送貨服務,但不適用於離島及偏遠地區。 詳情請參閱 

  6. 客戶可選擇於順豐順便智能櫃取貨,只需在地址欄中提供順便智能櫃編號。

  7. 產品一經出售,概不退換。

  8. 如有任何爭議,Winner Smart International Ltd. 保留最終決定權。

  9. 如閣下對產品、優惠、網上交易過程及送貨服務等有疑問,歡迎致電我們的客戶服務中心,聯絡電話2618 7388。

Thank You.

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