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日本 G&K 空氣魔法瓶 負離子空氣凈化加濕器 



- 空氣凈化 :(甲醛、pm2.5、粉塵、 雜質)

- 消除異味 :(煙味、寵物氣味、食物 發酵殘留等)

- 殺菌

- 加濕 :內藏式超聲波加濕器、Ag+ 抗菌銀離子水艙,讓加濕空氣無細菌繁 殖,比長期使用不換水的加濕器更健康 ,大幅度降低呼吸道感染引起的疾病。

- 防靜電:負離子發生量高達1500萬 個/cm³,加濕面積10m²,比同類產品 高几倍。不再被靜電啪啪而困擾。

- 嫩膚:高濃度負離子與Ag+離子的加 濕霧化。防止皮膚乾燥的同時也可以加 快代謝再生,增強免疫力。

- 1年保養


Product Features

- Air purification. (Formaldehyde, pm2.5, dust, impurities)
-  Eliminate odor. (Smoke, pet smell, food fermentation residue, etc.)
- Sterilization
- Humidification: Built-in ultrasonic humidifier, Ag + antibacterial silver ion water tank, making the humidified air free of bacteria.  It's healthier than long-term use of humidifier without the need to change water, which greatly reduces diseases caused by respiratory infection.
- Anti-static: the amount of negative ions is up to 15 million / cm³, and the humidified area is 10m², which is several times higher than similar products.
-  Skin rejuvenation: humidification and atomization of high concentration of negative ions and Ag + ions. Prevent dry skin and accelerate metabolic regeneration.

G&K Portable Air Purifier




    保養:一年 (產品售後:香港、澳門)


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