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About Us

Winner Smart International Limited specializes in the distribution and fulfilment solutions for professional audio products, earphones, electronic gadgets and lifestyle products.  With a commitment to creating superior customer experience for today’s marketplace, we strive to work with the best-in-class brands around the world.

We pride ourselves on a seasoned leadership team who possess over 20 years’ footprint in the distribution of leading brands for products spanning professional and personal audio products, smartphones, computer products and lifestyle products.

Excel at formulating holistic business strategy underpinned by our profound market intelligence and channel management capabilities, our sales coverage encompasses an array of channels from retailers, online stores to customer loyalty programs and corporates ensuring our partners enjoy the best support from us.


長俊國際有限公司 (Winner Smart International Limited) 致力提供專業音響系統、個人耳機及家居電子產品的代理分銷及銷售支援服務。  我們確保與優質的品牌合作,力求為客戶提供超卓的購物體驗。





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