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Philips HR1947  MicroMasticating Juicer 

Unleash all the goodness into your glass

Philips innovative MicroMasticating technology is designed to open up the cells of fruits and vegetables to squeeze the maximum out. Now with less preparation time thanks to large feeding tube. After juicing all parts can be rinsed clean.


  • Winner of IF Design Awards 2016
  • MicroMasticating extracts up to 90% of the fruit
  • Easily detachable and rinsed clean. Unique no sieve design for quick cleaning in 1 min
  • Slim design, metallic, optimized design with 11cm width
  • 2 juice thickness possible
  • Innovative drip stop keeps your counter clean
  • Detachable parts can be stored in the pulp container
  • Less preparation with 2x larger feeding tube



飛利浦 HR1947 微壓榨汁機




  • IF Design Awards 2016 獲獎產品
  • 微壓榨技術 可搾取 90%的水果
  • 輕易拆卸及清洗, 無濾網的獨特設計, 1分鐘內即可快速完成清潔
  • 11 厘米的理想闊度, 纖巧設計,金屬機身
  • 有 2 段汁液濃度可以調校
  • 創新的防滴漏設計保持你的廚房桌面清潔
  • 可拆式部件可儲藏於隔渣格
  • 漏管 2 倍大,節省預備功夫

Philips HR1947 MicroMasticating Juicer 微壓榨汁機

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