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Philips AWP3773B+WP3922 AquaShield On-Tap Filtration Bundle Set

- AWP3773B AquaShield On-Tap Filtration

- WP3922 Replacement Filter


Healthy and great tasting water

Enjoy healthy and great tasting water whenever you turn on the tap, with the Philips Micro X-Clean ultrafiltration system reducing chlorine, lead, bacteria and more. Its precise display tells you exactly when to replace the filter


- Micro X-Clean Filter with Multi-filtration system provides clean, safe and tasty water
- Easily switch among different modes: Filtered or unfiltered stream and spray mode
- Digital display of filter lifetime: The electronic flow meter of your water purifier shows in a LCD display the actual remaining filter capacity, in liters.
- Filter usage monitoring: A blinking signal is activated once the filter reaches its lifetime







Philips Micro X-Clean 超細微過濾效能系統可減少氯、鉛、細菌等,讓您扭開水龍頭即可享用健康可口的飲用水。其精確的顯示屏準確告訴您何時更換濾芯。


- Micro X-Clean 濾芯 及 多重過濾系統為你帶來潔淨、安全和可口的飲用水。
- 輕鬆切換不同模式:過濾或未經過濾的水流模式、花灑模式,
- 數碼顯示濾芯壽命。 濾水器的電子流量計在 LCD 顯示屏,以公升為單位顯示實際剩餘過水容量。
- 濾芯狀態顯示:數碼顯示濾芯壽命. 當濾網需要更換時,顯示屏上會顯示一個閃爍符號提醒更換濾芯。

Philips AWP3773B+WP3922 AquaShield On-Tap Filtration Bundle 水龍頭過濾器及濾芯套裝

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