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5% off on selected BRUNO products,  with a gift of HK$50 supermarket voucher!

Promotion Period :  valid till May 9, 2022 
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BRUNO is a lifestyle brand from Japan created by grownups with talent in enjoying life. They’ll turn a beachside into a working space, a daily meal into a party, and an interior decoration into a part of their fashion. The style of BRUNO is ever changing and fun-focused.  BRUNO offers a lifestyle with a sense of fun to enjoy the luxurious life of pleasure.

來自日本的BRUNO源自一群具天賦的設計師所創造的生活品牌。 BRUNO所有異想天開的設計均一致地強調功能、時尚、便捷、美感,並以推動日本設計師的創作理念為依歸。BRUNO設計理念從家出發,圍繞生活,設計出令人愉悅的生活精品,深信富有趣味的設計能為你的家和摯愛帶來無限歡欣。