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BRUNO Soymilk & Soup Blender - Lavender /  Pink /  Ivory 

With a compact body, the new multifunctional BRUNO Soymilk & Soup Blender can make a variety of healthy foods. Each time the blender makes about 350ml volumn of soup or drinks in hot or cold tempreture, wich is a suitable portion for 1 to 2 people. Fully automatic operation. Choose from 4 computer programs, you can make a variety of delicious food by using your creativity!


-〖Soy milk (boiling + stirring function)〗 Suitable for making all kinds of soy milk or corn and other drinks

-〖Hot soup (boiling function)〗Suitable for heating all kinds of soups

-〖Boiled soup (boiling+stirring function)〗Suitable for mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, sesame paste sweet soup, etc.

-〖Smoothie (stirring function)〗 Suitable for making juice, meal replacement, smoothie, milkshake

- Using durable blades and DC silent motor, up to 17,000 revolutions per minute;

- Equipped with a glass top cover window, which can easily observe the progress of food production;

- The top cover is also equipped with a safety design, which can only be activated when it is fastened and aligned with the logo, which is more convenient and safe!



BRUNO 多功能熱湯豆漿機 - 紫色 / 粉色 / 米白色

全新BRUNO 多功能熱湯豆漿機 Hot Soup Blender,小巧機身能製作多款健康食品,每次製作 350ml 容量,冷熱均可,足夠 1 至 2 人享用。全自動免煩惱!4 種電腦程式選擇,發揮創意即可製作多款美食!


-〖 豆漿(煮沸+攪拌功能)〗 適合製作各類豆漿或玉米等飲品

-〖 熱湯(煮沸功能)〗適合加熱各類湯品

-〖 濃湯(煮沸+攪拌功能)〗適合做磨菇湯,南瓜湯,芝麻糊等

-〖 沙冰(攪拌功能)〗果汁,代餐,沙冰,奶昔

- 採用耐用刀片配合 DC 靜音摩打,每分鐘高達17,000轉;

- 備有玻璃頂蓋視窗,能輕鬆觀察食品製作進度;

- 頂蓋更附設安全設計,只有緊扣及對準標識才能啟動,安心更便利!

BRUNO Soymilk & Soup Blender 多功能熱湯豆漿機- Lavender / Pink / Ivory

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