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Thera-Band CLX Consecutive Loops  (pack of 2)


TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops deliver versatility and ease of use that change how people experience exercise and rehab. It's all in the loops, which are versatile, simple, and inspiring. In a 2015 study, users sampled preferred CLX by 96% over traditional resistance bands. And according to multiple studies, the elastic resistance used in TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops is equivalent to weight training in strength curve, muscle activation, perceived exertion, and strength gain. The CLX loops provide multiple, unique grip and anchor options that enable open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required Exercise and new Exercise that connect the upper and lower body work. CLX also makes it easier to add resistance to your favorite classic Exercise. Lightweight and portable, CLX has the potential to be an entire gym right in the palm of your hand and is made from non-latex rubber material for those concerned about latex allergies. A FREE integrated CLX App provides a CLX exclusive exercise library with unique support tools to enhance any rehab or training program.


- Each patent exercise band composed by 9 Easy Grip Loops™,making exercise easier, flexible and multi-purpose
- Powder Free, no Latex; Durable
- Easy Grip Loops™ provide multiple unique grip options and exercises which mean no more handles or typing knots are required.
- Easy to increase or decrease resistance by using different loops
- Versatile, simple and inspiring: easily perform traditional rehab exercise and even complex movements involving upper and lower body simultaneously
- Free integrated CLX App features an exclusive database that demonstrates a range of exercises from simple rehab to complex performance training applications with images, detailed instructions and video


4 resistance levels from Low to High: Yellow(lowest), Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold(highest). 


Thera-band CLX 9環圈練力帶


- 專利練力帶由9個具彈性的環圈(Easy Grip LoopsTM) 組成,用法更方便、靈活及多元化
- 獨特物料不含乳膠及防敏感,且持久耐用
- 環圈提供不同的握法及訓練選擇,無需再額外購買手把或練力圈
- 使用者可使用不同的環數來控制阻力,有助循序漸進地訓練
- 多功能、簡易、創新,一條練力帶已可進行各種傳統訓練及
- 免費流動程式(IOS及Android) 載有獨家的數據庫, 內附詳細動作說明、圖示及示範短片



Thera-Band CLX Consecutive Loops 9環圈練力帶 - Red (pack of 2)

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