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Sudio E2 Hybrid ANC True Wireless Earphones

Sudio continues to make waves in the earphone space with brand new model, E2. E2 is for those who choose to rise above, Elevate your listening experience with immersive Spatial Audio and captivating Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. Enjoy clearer calls with beamforming VividVoice technology, compatible with wireless charging, and can enjoy up to 6.5 hours of listening experience. Sudio E2 resists rain and sweat, with IPX4 ingress protection, and it’s made to stay with you in any weather. It is the time to transcend limitations. 


  • Hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Spatial audio by Dirac Virtuo
  • VividVoice microphone system
  • Dual-beamforming microphone
  • Touch button control
  • Dynamic driver size 10mm
  • Sensitivity 99dB @1.0KHz
  • Single charge battery life 6.5 hours (5.5 hours with Dirac Virtuo)
  • Total 30 hours play time (25 hours with Dirac Virtuo)
  • IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Bluetooth Version 5.2
  • Charging type USB-C



Sudio E2 複合式降噪真無線藍芽耳機

Sudio E2 ,進化蛻變。實現聲臨其境的空間音效,高科技複合式的降噪功能,搭配波束賦形VividVoice 音頻技術的高清通話品質,拉高你的聆聽體驗。耳機支援無線充電,單次可使用長達6. 5小時。更有 IPX4 防水等級,防水防汗。


  • 複合式降噪功能
  • 聲臨其境的 Dirac Virtuo空間音效技術
  • VividVoice 麥克風技術提供清晰通話品質
  • 支援通話功能平台 : 支援通話(iOS及安卓)
  • 觸控面板操控
  • 10mm 單元驅動器
  • 敏感度:99 dB @ 1.0 KHz
  • 單次充滿可使用 6.5小時 (開啟Dirac Virtuo 5.5小時 )
  • 搭配充電盒,總播放時間為 30 小時 (開啟Dirac Virtuo25小時 )
  • IPX4 防水等級 
  • 藍牙5.2
  • USB-C 充電 

Sudio E2 Hybrid ANC True Wireless Earphones 複合式降噪真無線藍芽耳機

  • General

    Driver type: Dynamic

    Buttons: Touch panel

    Microphone: 3 per side - 6 in total

    Weight: Earphone: 5g, Charging case: 41g

    Water protection level: IPX4

    Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linu


    Driver size: 10mm

    Impedance: 16Ω @ 1kHz

    Sensitivity: 99dB @ 1kHz


    Wireless charging: Yes

    Play time: Up to 6.5 hours (5.5 hours with Dirac Virtuo), Up to 30 hours (25 hours with Dirac Virtuo)

    Play time with ANC + Music: 4.4 hours (4 hours with Dirac Virtuo), 20 hours (18 with Dirac Virtuo)

    Quick charge: 10 minutes for 2 hours

    Time to full charge: 60 min


    Wireless: Yes

    Bluetooth version: 5.2

    Range: 10 m

    Bluetooth codec: SBC

    Charging type: USB-C + Wireles

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