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Philips STH3020/16 Handheld Steamer 

Compact and foldable solution

Easy de-wrinkling at home and on-the-go

Our handheld steamer 3000 Series is designed to be light, compact and foldable for easy usage and storage to re-assure fresh outfits anytime, anywhere. It is your ideal companion for easy and quick touch-up at home or on the go. 


  • Compact and foldable steamer, easy to use and store
  • Ready to use in ˜30 seconds
  • 1000W with up to 20g/min continuous steam rate
  • No ironing board needed! Save time and hassle!
  • 120ml detachable water tank for easy refill
  • Steam kills 99.9% of the bacteria*
  • Refresh garments, remove odors, wash less
  • Safe on all ironable fabrics no burns guaranteed!
  • Metal steam plate for better steaming results
  • Pouch included for easy storage



Philips STH3020/16 手提式蒸氣掛熨機



手提式蒸氣掛熨機 3000 系列設計小巧可摺疊,方便使用和儲存,能隨時隨地將衣服打理整齊。無論在家還是出外旅行,這款手提式蒸氣掛熨機都是您的理想拍檔,讓您輕鬆快速整理衣服。


  • 小巧摺疊式蒸氣掛熨機,易於使用和收納
  • 約 30 秒內即可使用
  • 1000 瓦提供每分鐘高達 20 克的連續蒸氣輸出
  • 無需熨衣板!省時省力! 無需熨衣板
  • 120 毫升分離式水箱方便裝水
  • 蒸氣能殺滅 99.9% 的細菌*
  • 衣物清新,去除異味,減少洗衣次數
  • 可在所有可熨布料上安全使用,保證不會熨損衣物!
  • 金屬蒸氣熨壓板帶來更佳的熨燙效果
  • 內附收藏袋方便收納

Philips STH3020/16 Handheld Steamer 手提式蒸氣掛熨機

  • Accessories

    Pouch: Yes


    Cord length: 2m

    Detachable water tank: Yes

    Foldable: Yes

    Ready to use: 30 sec

    Water tank: 120ml

    Steam Light indicator: Yes

    On/Off switch: Yes

    Quality of result

    Steam plate: Heated metal plate

    Voltage: 220V

    Power: 1000W

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