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Philips S9987/54 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Superior closeness*, personalized skin comfort

The most intelligent shaver powered by A.I gives you incredible skin comfort. Get feedback on shaving pressure to protect your skin, while cutting hair closer, even on 5-day beards. It senses, guides, and adapts to your unique face.


  • with SkinIQ Technology

  • Pressure Guard sensor. Helps you to shave with optimal pressure
  • Dual SteelPrecision blades. Advanced precision for a closer shave*
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 360-D Flexing heads.  Follows the contours of your face
  • Smooth gliding for better skin protection

  • Adjusts to your beard for effortless shaving

  • Guides you to an improved technique with fewer passes

  • OLED display for dynamic SkinIQ and shaver notifications

  • Powerful cleaning pod for maintenance and hygiene

  • Even-up your mustache and sideburns

  • Master your technique with the Philips GroomTribe app

  • Choose a convenient dry or refreshing wet shave

  • 60 minutes of shaving from a 1-hour charge


* versus predecessor Philips Series S9000

** Based on Philips Series S7000 and GroomTribe app users in 2019

*** Compared to non-coated material

**** comparing shaving debris after using cleaning fluid vs. water in the cartridge




Philips S9987/54 乾濕兩用電鬚刨


採用人工智能技術,打造最智能的電鬚刨,讓您的皮膚無比舒適。即使貼面剃除 5 日鬚,亦可透過剃鬚壓力感應功能保護皮膚。它可感應、引導和適應您獨特的臉形。


  • 採用 SkinIQ 技術
  • Pressure Guard 感應器 給您最理想的剃鬚壓力
  • Dual SteelPrecision 刀片 先進精確,達至更貼面剃鬚效果*
  • 經過皮膚測試
  • 360-D 靈活刀頭 緊貼面部曲線
  • 流暢順滑的剃鬚體驗,有效呵護肌膚
  • 適應您的鬍鬚,令剃鬚更輕鬆容易
  • 指引您改善剃鬚技巧,無需來回剃刮
  • OLED 顯示器為您展示 SkinIQ 動態和電鬚刨通知
  • 強勁的清潔機,有助保持效能和衛生
  • 修剪八字鬚和鬢角
  • 使用 Philips GroomTribe 應用程式,掌握您的剃鬚技巧
  • 選擇方便的乾剃或清爽的濕剃
  • 充電 1 小時即可使用 60 分鐘


* 與上一代產品 Philips Series S9000 比較

** 根據 2019 年的 Philips Series S7000 及 GroomTribe 應用程式用戶

*** 與其他無塗層材料相比

**** 比較在清潔濾盒內,使用清潔劑與使用清水清洗鬍鬚渣的清潔程度


Philips S9987/54 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver 乾濕兩用電鬚刨

  • Shaving Performance

    Shaving system: Dual SteelPrecision blades

    Contour following: 360-D Flexing heads

    SkinIQ technology:

    • Pressure Guard sensor
    • Protective SkinGlide coating
    • Motion Control sensor
    • Power Adapt sensor


    Maintenance: Cleaning brush

    Charging stand: Yes

    Quick Clean Pod: Yes, 1 cartridge included

    Integrated pop-up trimmer: Yes

    Travel and storage: Travel case


    Color(s): Dark chrome

    Handle: Rubber grip

    Shaving heads: Angular

    Ease of use


    • Advanced OLED display

    • Pressure guidance

    • Battery level indicator

    • Motion control indicator

    • Travel lock


    • One-touch open

    • Fully washable

    Wet & Dry: Wet and dry use


    Automatic voltage: 100-240 V

    Run time: 60 minutes


    • 1 hour full charge
    • 5 min quick charge

    Battery type: Li-ion

    Max power consumption: 9  W


    Software update: Philips offers relevant software updates for a period of 2 years after the date of purchase

    App:  GroomTribe, Connects via Bluetooth®

    Smartphone compatibility: iPhone and Android™ devices

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