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Philips PPM5301BU/90 Knee Massager

Enjoy life with healthy joints

The knee massager has hot compress and vibration massage functions, which can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve soreness and discomfort, and care for the knee joints. Detachable controller, light and portable to carry. 


  • Ultra-thin body
  • 3 levels of vibration
  • Detachable controller
  • Vibration mode, professional relaxation massage
  • 3D surround ergonomic design for better protect knees
  • Hot compress of 40-60°C, 5 adjustable levels.

  • The controller is detachable, no burden to carry around



Philips PPM5301BU/90 膝部按摩器




  • 超薄機身
  • 3 段震動
  • 可拆式控制器
  • 震動模式,專業放鬆按摩
  • 3D 環繞人體工學設計,更有效保護膝部
  • 40-60°C 熱敷,5 個可調節級別
  • 控制器可拆除,隨身攜帶無負擔

Philips PPM5301BU/90 Knee Massager 膝部按摩器

  • General specifications

    Net weight: 310g

    Color: Dark blue

    Main parameters

    Temperature of heating: 40-60  °C

    Rated voltage: 5V

    Battery: 2000mAh

    Charging port: Type-C

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