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Philips PPM4301GN/90 Mini Back Massager 

Wireless massage, limitless relaxation

Upgraded power supply by large-capacity lithium battery, the massager can be used without power cords. It relaxes your muscle and promotes blood circulation via two 3D nodes kneading and hot compress to make you deep relaxing experience.


  • One-key control
  • Heating thermostatically
  • Lithium battery supply
  • Three-dimensions massage makes comfortable experience
  • Selecting modes to suit different needs
  • Heating helps blood circulation and muscle soothing
  • Bring better experience via soft and skin-friendly fabric
  • A rabbit-like appearance to match up multiple massage needs
  • Control the massager with just one key
  • Supply with lithium battery, get free from power cords
  • Timing to prevent hurt from over massaging and overheating
  • Compact body can play different roles




Philips PPM4301GN/90 迷你背部按摩器


大容量鋰電池帶來升級電源,按摩器可以無線使用。按摩器能透過兩個 3D 節點揉壓及熱敷來放鬆肌肉並促進血液循環,讓您享受深層放鬆體驗。


  • 一鍵控制
  • 溫度調節式加熱
  • 隨附鋰電池
  • 立體按摩,舒適體驗
  • 選擇適合不同需要的模式
  • 加熱有助血液循環和肌肉舒緩
  • 使用柔軟親膚的布料,帶來更佳體驗
  • 兔子外形設計,可滿足多種按摩需求
  • 一鍵即可控制按摩器
  • 鋰電池供電,無需電線
  • 定時功能可防止因過度按摩和過熱而受傷
  • 精巧機身可以扮演不同角色


Philips PPM4301GN/90 Mini Back Massager 迷你背部按摩器

  • General specifications

    Heating type: Rice lights

    Color: Dark jade green

    Main materials: Elastic fabric

    Dimensions of product: 290mm(L)*290mm(W)*110mm(H)

    Main parameters

    Working voltage: 11.6V

    Auto shut-off time: 15 minutes

    Temperature of heating: 42±3  °C

    Working power: 24W

    Charging current: 1A

    Charging voltage: 12.6V

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