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Philips PPM2501GY/90 Eye Mask Massager

See wonderful world with bright eyes

The AirEase system has redesigned the shape and arrangement of the airbags, bringing a relaxing massage experience. The nano silicone leather lining is skin-friendly, durable and easy to clean. 3D pressure-free design can protect the eyes.


  • AirEase Massage System
  • Nano Organic Silicone Leather
  • 3D Pressure-free Design
  • Large area hot compress
  • Wireless smart connection, listen to what you want
  • AirEase massage system brings a relaxing massage experience
  • Nano silicone leather, skin-friendly, durable, easy to clean
  • 3D pressure-free design, massage without any pressure
  • 4 kinds of massage modes, switch as you like
  • Convenient to store and carry
  • Non-slipping design,fit the Asians's face



Philips PPM2501GY/90 按摩眼罩


AirEase 系統重新設計氣囊的形狀及佈置,帶來放鬆的按摩體驗。納米矽膠皮革襯裡親膚耐用,容易清潔。3D 無壓力設計可保護雙眼。


  • AirEase 按摩系統
  • 納米有機矽膠皮革
  • 3D 無壓力設計
  • 大面積熱敷
  • 無線智能連接,隨心聆聽任何內容
  • AirEase 按摩系統帶來輕鬆的按摩體驗
  • 納米矽膠皮革,親膚、耐用、易清潔
  • 3D 無壓力設計,按摩全無壓力
  • 大面積熱敷,促進血液循環,緩釋壓力
  • 4 種按摩模式,隨心切換
  • 方便存放及攜帶
  • 防滑設計,貼合亞洲人臉型

Philips PPM2501GY/90 Eye Mask Massager 按摩眼罩

  • General specifications

    Net weight: 325g

    Product Dimension (LxWxH): 215.5×113×78.5  mm

    Color: Grey

    Massage type: Pressing/Vibration/Hot compress

    Main materials: Plastic/Nano silicone leather

    Main parameters

    Rated Power: 4.5  W

    Temperature of heating: 40±2  °C

    Rated voltage: 3.7 V

    Massage modes: 4

    Battery: 1100mA/h

    Charging port: USB Type-C

    Battery life: 90minutes (5-6 operating cycles)

    Music system: Built-in music/ Wireless music

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