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Philips HR2088 Viva Collection Cooking Blender

Easily unlock nutrients for your family.  
This all-in-one kitchen appliance enables you to integrate cooking into your hectic daily life. With its 8 preset programs you can prepare a variety of hot or cold blends within minutes. Make life easy by bringing progress to the kitchen.


  • With cooking function that enables you to make your favorite hot meals and drinks.
  • 8 pre-set programs to create a variety of different meals
  • With user-friendly digital interface.
  • Water level indicator and handle for easy use and pouring.
  • Safety Protection System: The blender shuts off when lid and / or jar is not correctly assembled.
  • High speed Cooking Blender with 38.000 RPM, able to break cells and extract more nutrients from your ingredients.
  • Powerful 1200 Watt motor for finer blending.
  • Special serrated blades designed to deliver smooth and fine end results.


Philips HR2088 Viva Collection 冷熱烹調攪拌機

這款多合一廚房產品助您將烹飪融入忙碌生活。您可以使用 8 個預設程式,在幾分鐘內烹調出多款冷熱菜式。將先進科技帶進廚房,讓生活更輕鬆。


  • 具備烹調功能,助您煮出喜愛的熱食和飲品
  • 8個預設程式能創造出各式豐富餐點
  • 數碼介面操作簡易
  • 設有水位顯示及手柄,方便使用
  • 安全保護系統:當蓋子及/或攪拌杯沒有正確安裝,攪拌機會關閉
  • 高速冷熱烹調攪拌機的每分鐘轉數為38,000,能夠打破食材的細胞壁,從而萃取更多營養
  • 1200 瓦強勁摩打令攪拌效果幼滑均勻。
  • 特殊鋸齒狀刀片令攪拌效果幼滑均勻

Philips HR2088 Viva Collection Cooking Blender 冷熱烹調攪拌機

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