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Philips HD4539/62 Rice Cooker 5000 Series IH Rice Cooker with Taste Selection

Renew rice dishes with customized choices

Perfect taste with Taste Select technology

From fluffy to crispy, tailor the taste and texture of your favorite rice recipes with our superior, seamless 5-level taste selection. Choose from 5 different rice textures to create your perfect mouth-feel every time.


  • 2022 iF Design Award Winner
  • Taste Select Technology enables mouth-feel customization
  • 3-dimension IH heating system for heat energy optimization
  • Maifanshi anti-scratch coating inner pot

  • Customized Rice Recipe
  • 1.5L cooking capacity, Black
  • Intelligent cooking curve to ensure perfect cooking results
  • Tailored to 6 of the most popular rice types

  • 5-level taste selection for your favorite mouth-feel

  • 18 optimized programs with seamless UI

  • Hassle-free cooking with our convenient accessories




Philips HD4539/62 5000系列 口感智選IH電飯煲


Taste Select 技術帶來完美口感

從蓬鬆到酥脆,透過我們卓越的無縫 5 級口味選項來定制您最喜愛的米飯食譜的口味和質地。從 5 種不同的米飯質地中選擇,每次都能煮出完美口感。 


  • 2022 iF 產品設計獎得主
  • Taste Select 技術可自訂口感
  • 3D 立體IH電磁感應加熱技術
  • 8 層添加麥飯石塗層內鍋
  • 自訂米飯食譜
  • 1.5公升家庭容量,黑色
  • 智能烹調曲線,確保完美烹調效果
  • 多種米類選擇
  • 5 級口味選項,炮製您最喜歡的口感
  • 18 個優化程式,無縫用戶介面
  • 使用配件輕鬆烹調
  • 雙層無毒陶瓷塗層


Philips HD4539/62 5000 Series IH Rice Cooker with Taste Selection 口感智選IH電飯煲

  • Technical specifications

    Power: 1250  W

    Voltage: 220  V

    Frequency: 50  Hz

    Design and finishing

    Color of control panel: Black

    Color(s): Black Matt

    Material of main body: Plastic


    Included: Measuring cup, Spatula, Steaming tray/basket


    Packaging: > 90% recycled materials

    User manual: 100% recyclable paper


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