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Philips HD2145/62 All-in-One Cooker 

Your perfectly cooked meal ready up to 6X faster*

Enjoy high quality meals even during the busiest days! Different ingredients are cooked just right under accurate control of pressure and temperature thanks to the dual control system with 50% reduction of heating fluctuation.

  • Dual control system accurately controls temperature

  • Multi cook to provide additional variety

  • MyFavorite stores up to 3 customized cooking programs

  • Programmable cooking settings give you full control

  • Rich sauce made with single press of button

  • SensorTouch control panel on the top for easy operation

  • Add delicate ingredients at later stage of pressure cook

  • Preset timer and automatic keep warm

  • Pressure cook to put perfect meals on table in minutes

  • Saute/Sear to enhance richness of flavors

  • Slow cook to create melt-in-mouth tenderness

  • Auto pressure release reduces waiting and ensures safety



準備完美菜式的速度最多可快 6 倍*

在最為忙碌的日子也能享用優質菜式!雙重控温技術能減少 50% 加熱波動,可精確控制壓力和溫度,完美烹調不同食材。

  • 雙重控制系統可精確控制溫度

  • 多種烹調模式助您炮製各種菜式

  • 我的最愛可儲存最多 3 個自訂烹調程式

  • 可編程烹調設定讓您操控自如

  • 只需按下一個按鈕即可製作濃稠的醬汁

  • SensorTouch 控制面板位於頂部,便於操作

  • 在壓力烹調的稍後階段添加鮮美的食材

  • 預設定時功能及自動保溫

  • 利用壓力烹調,只需數分鐘即可呈上完美菜式

  • 煎炒可提升菜餚的層次味道

  • 慢煮模式烹調出入口即溶的柔嫩口感

  • 自動降壓可減少等候時間,並確保安全

Philips HD2145/62 All-in-One Cooker 智能萬用鍋

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