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Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device

Enjoy 6 months of hair-free smooth skin*

Philips Lumea Prestige with SenseIQ technology is our most effective IPL. Designed for convenient treatment at home, Lumea's intelligent attachments perfectly fit every curve of your body and adapt programs tailored for each body area.


  • Up to 92% hair reduction in 3 treatments (approximately 4 weeks) *
  • SmartSkin sensor indicates most comfortable setting for your skin tone
  • 4 uniquely curved attachments tailored treatment programs for body, face, bikini & underarms
  • 2 application modes: Slide & Flash, Stamp & Flash, convenient for treatment on both small and large areas
  • Developed with Dermatologists for a safe treatment, even on sensitive areas
  • High performance lamp delivers more than 250,000 flashes, up to 20 years of uses **
  • Both corded and cordless use for maximum convenience
  • The Lumea IPL app. With you every step of the way


*When following the treatment schedule, measured on legs, individual results may vary.

**Calculated for use on lower legs, bikini, underarms and face. The lamp lifetime does not extend the Philips warranty.



Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige IPL 彩光脫毛器 

享受 6 個月的持久淨滑肌膚*

採用 SenseIQ 智能感控技術的 Philips Lumea Prestige 是我們最有效的 IPL 彩光脫毛器。Lumea 的智能配件為家用脫毛帶來方便,完美緊貼身體曲線,並為身體各部位提供度身訂做的模式。


  • 3 次療程 (即約4星期)可減少毛髮達 92%*
  • SmartSkin 智能膚色感應器按照您的膚色建議最舒適的設定
  • 4 個獨特弧形配件為身體、面部、比堅尼位及腋下提供所需的療程模式
  • 備有兩種操作模式:一停一閃、滑動閃光模式,更輕鬆掌握療程所需時間
  • 與皮膚科醫生共同研發,療程十分安全,在敏感部位亦可使用
  • 高性能燈泡可發出25萬次閃光,使用壽命長達20年**
  • 配備無線及有線功能,方便易用
  • Lumea IPL 应用程序。为您的每一步操作提供帮助


*需依照建議的脫毛療程時間表,以腿部進行3次療程為準,脫毛效果或因人而異。2016年經Philips臨床研究測試。脫毛療程以每兩星期進行一次計算,即 4星期可完成首三次療程。


Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device 彩光脫毛器

  • Attachments

    Body treatment attachment: 

    • Shape: Convex curved
    • Window size: 4.1 cm2
    • Tailored treatment for body

    Face treatment attachment: 

    • Shape: Flat

    • Window size:2 cm2,extra filter

    • Tailored treatment for face

    Armpits treatment attachment:

    • Shape: Concave curved

    • Window size: 3 cm2

    • Tailored treatment for armpits

    Bikini treatment attachment:

    • Shape: Concave curved

    • Window size:3 cm2,extra filter

    • Tailored treatment for bikini


    Voltage: 100-240 V

    Technical specifications

    High performance lamp: Delivers >250.000 flashes

    Application areas: Body areas(Arms, Legs, Stomach), Sensitive areas (Armpits, Bikini), Face areas (Chin, Upper lip, Jawline)

    Items included

    Instructions for use; User manual

    Storage: Luxurious pouch

    Adapter: 19.5V / 4000mA

    Safety and adjustable settings

    Integrated UV filter: Protects skin from UV light

    5 light energy settings: Adjustable to your skin type

    Integrated safety system: Prevent unintentional flashing

    Skin Tone sensor: Detects your skin tone

    SmartSkin sensor: The right setting on demand

    Application time

    Armpit: 2,5 min

    Bikini line: 2 min

    Face areas: 1,5 min

    Lower legs: 8,5 min

    Application mode

    Slide and Flash: For quick application

    Corded / cordless use: Both cordless and corded use

    Stamp and Flash: For treatment on small areas

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