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Philips BHD538/23 Hair Dryer

Fast drying with no heat damage**

ThermoShield technology gives you ultimate protection from heat damage, by actively controlling the air temperature of the dryer to an optimum level.


  • ThermoShield technology for ultimate heat protection

  • 20%*** faster drying with a powerful 2300W airflow

  • A powerful motor creates air speeds of up to 110 km/h****

  • Reduces UV damage*****, for smoother hair

  • 2x ionic care* for shiny, frizz-free hair

  • Precise control with 6 heat and speed settings

  • Cool air setting to finish your style

  • Handle twists and folds for easy storage

  • Slim nozzle for touch-ups and detailed styling



飛利浦BHD538/23 電風筒



  • 防熱吹護技術帶來極致防熱保護

  • 強勁的 2300W 風量,令乾髮速度提升 20%***
  • 強勁摩打帶來高達每小時 110 公里的風速****

  • 減少紫外線的傷害*****,讓秀髮更加柔順

  • 2 倍負離子護髮*讓秀髮順滑亮麗

  • 6 段熱力/風速設定,有助精準控制

  • 冷風設定為秀髮定型

  • 可扭動的摺合把手,方便收納

  • 扁口集風嘴方便修飾和細緻造型

Philips BHD538/23 Hair Dryer 電風筒

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