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Philips AWP2980WH Instant Water Filter

Next-generation instant water filter

Powered by the highly porous activated carbon fibre, Philips Micro X-Clean Instant filter turns tap water into crisp and pure tasting water by reducing chlorine, lead, pesticide and microplastics.


  • Delicious water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • 3L large volume water tank
  • Flip top lid for single-handed refill
  • Turns tap water into crisp and pure tasting water.  Powered by the innovative activated carbon fiber, which has more efficient absorption due to its highly porous structure, Micro X-Clean Instant filter achieves 4X faster flow than a filter pitcher*.
  • Prolongs the lifetime of kitchen appliances
  • Instant filtration with a simple touch
  • Type-C USB rechargeable, each fully recharge last up to 1-month battery life.
  • Usage-based filter lifetime indicator


* Compared to Philips pitcher AWP2900


Philips AWP2980WH 即時濾水器


Philips Micro X-Clean 即時濾水器採用高度滲透的活性碳纖維,能夠減少氯、鉛、農藥和微膠粒,將自來水過濾成爽口純淨的飲用水。


  • 美味的飲用水,而費用更遠低於樽裝水
  • 3 公升大容量水箱
  • 方便單手注水的翻蓋
  • 將自來水過濾成爽口純淨的飲用水。Micro X-Clean 即時濾水器採用創新的活性碳纖維,其高度滲透結構可提升吸附效率,濾水速度相比濾水壺快 4 倍*,同時帶來相同的濾水效能。
  • 延長廚房電器的壽命
  • 備有簡易觸控功能的即時濾水器
  • Type-C USB 充電, 每次充滿電即可使用長達 1 個月。
  • 基於用量的濾芯壽命指示燈


* 與 Philips 濾水壺 AWP2900 比較


Philips AWP2980WH Instant Water Filter 即時濾水器

  • Replacement filter cartridgep: AWP225

    Filter quantity: 1-pack

    Filter lifetime: 1 month

    Water flow rate: 1L/min*

    Water tank capacity: 3L

    Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery

    Battery capacity: 1800mAh

    Color: Bright white

    Product Dimension (LxWxH): 233*152*263  mm

    Microplastics reduction: Yes

    Input water temperature: 2-38  °C

    Input water pressure: (atmospheric) 0-1  bar

    Input water quality: Municipal tap water

    Rated voltage: 5V

    Rated power: 6W

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