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Philips ADD6920 RO Water Dispenser 

- White ADD6920WH/90

- Black ADD6920BK/90


Portable jug, enjoy it anytime

This dispenser brings you a more convenient drinking experience. Fresh boiling water is within reach by 100% real boiled technology. The AquaShield filtration system removes 110* harmful materials and the portable jug meets different needs.


  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Rich strontium technology
  • Portable kettle
  • 1.8L portable purified water tank meets different needs
  • 6L large volume water tank avoids frequent water refill
  • The rich strontium element is beneficial to human body
  • 100% real boiled technology for fresh boiling water
  • The self-regulated boiling point is friendly to the plateau
  • 180° rotational design is easy to receive and refill water
  • Lifting water plate is easy for cups of different altitude
  • Child lock to prevent mis-operation or burning
  • Anti-burn technology to avoid dry-burn
  • BPA free of the waterway ensures water drinking safety
  • 6 in 1 RO filter removes 110* kinds of harmful substances




Philips ADD6920 RO 飲水機

- 白色ADD6920WH/90

- 黑色 ADD6920BK/90



這款飲水機為您帶來更便捷的飲用體驗。100% 真煲技術,新鮮熱水觸手可及。AquaShield 過濾系統可去除 110* 種有害物質,便攜式水壺滿足不同需求。


  • 逆滲透
  • 豐富鍶技術
  • 便攜式電熱水煲
  • 1.8 公升便攜式純淨水箱滿足不同需求
  • 6 公升大容量水箱避免經常注水
  • 豐富的鍶元素對人體有益
  • 100% 真煲技術帶來新鮮熱水
  • 自調節沸點非常適合高原地區
  • 180° 旋轉設計方便使用者從不同角度接水和注水
  • 升降水盤方便不同高度的杯子
  • 兒童安全鎖可防止操作失誤或燙傷
  • 防乾燒技術避免乾燒
  • 水路不含雙酚 A,確保飲水安全
  • 6 合 1 RO 濾網能去除 110* 種有害物質


Philips ADD6920/90 RO Water Dispenser 飲水機 (Black/White)

  • General specifications

    Heating Type: Instant heating

    Product Dimension (LxWxH): 230*374*427 mm

    Gross weight: 11 kg

    Net weight: 8 kg

    Packaging Dimension (LxWxH): 565*355*530 mm

    Main parameters

    Rated Power: 2100  W

    Capacity: 2000  L

    Color: White

    Applicable water temperature: 5-38 °C

    Inlet water pressure: 0-0.06

    Voltage and frequency: 220V/50Hz

    Rated water flow: 0.2  l/min

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