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Philips ADD6911/90 RO water dispenser

Better than boiling

With smart wifi connection, the dispenser can track and monitor your drinking water. Instant heating technology provides hot water within seconds. The RO system and UV-LED guarantee clean water by removing up to 99.999%* contaminants.


  • Fresh hot water on demand in 3 seconds
  • Precise temperature control - from 45 to 95 Celsius via app

  • RO filtration removes up to 99.999% of contaminants*

  • UV-LED eliminates 99.9% of bacteria*

  • Track, monitor and control your drinking water via APP

  • Visualized water quality tracking

  • Automatically woken up with smart cup sensing

  • Easy to use with rotating base

  • 4,000 single-use plastic bottles saved per year***

  • No more re-boiled; less energy spent


*Tested by international certification and testing agency BV under laboratory conditions.

**Tested by international certification and testing agency SGS under laboratory conditions.

***Compared to 500ml bottled water. Filter capacity is up to 2000L.

****Tested by internal laboratory. Assuming usage of 6L/day.



Philips ADD6911/90RO飲水機


這款飲水機配備智能 WiFi 連接,可追縱和監控您的飲用水質素。即時加熱技術可在數秒內提供熱水。RO 系統和 UV-LED 去除多達 99.999%* 污染物,確保水質潔淨。


  • 3 秒內按需提供新鮮熱水
  • 精確溫度控制 - 透過應用程式,可選擇 45 到 95 攝氏度

  • RO 過濾去除高達 99.999% 污染物*

  • UV-LED 去除 99.9% 細菌*

  • 透過應用程式追縱和監控您的飲用水質素

  • 視覺化水質追蹤

  • 智能水杯感應,自動喚醒裝置

  • 旋轉式底座,使用方便

  • 每年節省 4,000 個即棄塑膠瓶***

  • 無需重新煮滾;耗能更低


*由國際認證及測試機構 BV 在實驗室環境下進行測試。

**由國際認證及測試機構 SGS 在實驗室環境下進行測試。

***與 500 毫升瓶裝水比較。過濾容量高達 2000 升。

****由內部實驗室進行測試。假設用量為每日 6 公升。

Philips ADD6911/90 RO Water Dispenser 飲水機

  • Filter specifications

    Filter precision: RO:0.0001um

    Filtration capacity: 2000L

    Replacement filter cartridge: ADD553

    RO specifications: 50 Gallon

    Filtration performance

    Virus removal: up to 99.999%

    Bacteria removal: up to 99.999%

    Heavy metal removal: up to 99.9%

    Pesticide removal: up to 99.9%

    VOC reduction: Yes

    Water hardness reduction: Yes

    Chlorine reduction: up to 99.9%

    General specifications

    Product dimension: 232*250*424mm  mm

    Rated water flow rate: 0.13L/min

    Water tank capacity: 4L


    Mains Power: 220V/50Hz

    Rated power: 2200W

    Input water conditions

    Input water pressure: 0-0.6  bar

    Input water temperature: 5-38  °C

    Input water quality: Municipal tap water

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