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Philips ADD6910DG/90 RO Water Dispenser 

Better than boiling

With instant heating technology, this RO water dispenser provides water of various temperatures within seconds. The innovative AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration removes 110 kinds of harmful substances that may exist in the tap water*.


  • RO filtration removes 110 kinds of harmful substances*

  • UV-LED eliminates 99.9% of bacteria**

  • Fresh hot water on demand in 3 seconds

  • 4 preset temperatures for your different needs

  • 4 preset water volumes for your different needs

  • Plug and play; no installation required

  • Long-life filtration lasts up to 12 months***

  • Safety lock to prevent mis-operation or burning

  • Detachable water tank for easy refilling

  • 4,000 single-use plastic bottles saved per year****

  • No more re-boiled; less energy spent


* 101 kinds of substances are tested by international certification and testing agency SGS/BV under laboratory conditions, and the other 9 kinds of substances are tested by internal laboratory.

**Tested by international certification and testing agency BV under laboratory conditions.

***Tested by internal laboratory. Assuming usage of 6L/day.

****Compared to 500ml bottled water. Filter capacity is up to 2000L.



Philips ADD6910DG/90RO飲水機


配備即時加熱技術,這款 RO 飲水機可在瞬間提供各種不同溫度的飲用水。創新的 AquaShield 多合一 RO 過濾能去除 110 種可能存在於自來水中的有害物質*。


  • RO 過濾能去除 110 種有害物質*
  • UV-LED 去除 99.9% 細菌**

  • 3 秒內按需提供新鮮熱水

  • 4 種預設水溫,配合您不同需要

  • 4 種預設出水量,配合您不同需要

  • 即插即用,無需安裝

  • 長效過濾,可達 12 個月***

  • 安全鎖可防止操作失誤或燙傷

  • 可輕鬆注水的分離式水箱

  • 每年節省 4,000 個即棄塑膠瓶****

  • 無需重新煮滾;耗能更低


* 101 種物質由國際認證及測試機構 SGS/BV 在實驗室環境下進行測試,其餘 9 種物質由內部實驗室測試。

**由國際認證及測試機構 BV 在實驗室環境下進行測試。

***由內部實驗室進行測試。假設用量為每日 6 公升。

****與 500 毫升瓶裝水比較。過濾容量高達 2000 升。


Philips ADD6910DG/90 RO Water Dispenser 飲水機

  • General specifications

    Water temperature: Ambient, 45, 85, 95  °C

    Water volume: 150, 210, 300, 500ml

    Raw water tank: 4L

    UV sterilaztion: yes

    Filtration performance

    Filter lifetime indicator: yes

    Input water temperature: 5-38  °C

    Applicable inlet water: Municipal tap water

    Product size: 232*250*424mm

    Filter model: ADD550

    Filtration level: 5-stage

    Filter precision: RO: 0.0001  µm

    RO membrance origin: Korea

    Recommended filter lifetime: 12 months***

    Viruses reduction: up to 99.999%

    Bacteria reduction: up to 99.999%

    Lead reduction: up to 99.9%

    Pesticides reduction: up to 99.9%

    Chlorine reduction: up to 99.9%

    PFOA reduction: up to 99.9%

    PFOS reduction: up to 99.9%

    Water hardness reduction: up to 99%

    Heating performance

    Heating power: 2200W

    Heating method: Instant heating

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