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Momax RO3 Micro Cleanse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight body design, easy to use, one-button easy switching of suction mode, with multi-functional cleaning nozzle, flexible and deep cleaning of all corners, making cleaning easier.

  • Suitable for small area cleaning in different environments (such as home, office, car, etc.)
  • Ergonomic design, small life, easy to hold and secure, comfortable to use
  • One-key operation, up to 6000p.a. strong suction, instantly and completely cleared
  • Equipped with wearable tools and books, easy to clear all kinds of data
  • Run the LED light to illuminate the bottom of the dark place, making the space invisible
  • Battery life 45 minutes (300p.a. suction mode) 
  • Include Suction nozzle and vacuum brush
  • USB-C charging cable



Momax RO3 Micro Cleanse 便携式迷你吸塵器

輕巧機身設計, 隨手可用,一鍵輕鬆切換吸力模式,配搭多功能清潔吸嘴,靈活深層清潔各個角落,使清潔變得更輕鬆。

  • 適用於不同環境的小面積打掃 (如家居、辦公室和汽車等) 
  • 人體工學設計,機身細小,易握穩妥,使用舒適
  • 一鍵操作,高達6000p.a. 強勁吸力,瞬間 徹底清除灰塵
  • 配備可拆卸的縫隙工具和除塵刷,輕易清除各種灰塵
  • 底部設有LED燈,照明暗處,使灰塵無所遁形
  • 電池使用時間長達45分鐘 (3000p.a.吸力模式)
  • 包含縫隙吸嘴和除塵刷配件
  • USB-C充電線

Momax RO3 Micro Cleanse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 便携式迷你吸塵器

  • Product Size: 253 x 57 x 66mm

    Weight: 480g

    尺寸:253 x 57 x 66mm

    重量: 480g

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