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Momax QL9 Q.Led 2 Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

With a wireless charging station, its honeycomb filter and built-in sensor bring you comfortable light. Fingertips are easy to ease, color temperature, simple and easy to use, to meet your environmental lighting.


  • 3-axis adjustment, flexible to meet different lighting angles
  • The honeycomb particles restore light, improve the condition of the eyes, and make you feel more comfortable
  • Remote control remote control, 5-level finger setting can be adjusted to the maximum easy control of 1000 lux
  • The built-in light sensor can automatically adjust the comfort level according to your surrounding environment to further satisfy your eyes
  • 3 color temperatures, suitable for different scenes
  • 15W fast charging, charging the device through wireless charging and USB port
  • LED lamp life 35,000 hours
  • Overheating, overcharging, short circuit and FOB protection



Momax QL9 無線充電座檯燈 



  • 3軸調節,靈活滿足不同照明角度
  • 蜂窩狀濾片減少眩光,改善眼睛疲勞,讓您倍感舒適
  • 觸控面板指尖輕鬆控制,5級亮度設置可調整最大至1000 lux的亮度
  • 內置光傳感器,可根據您的周圍環境自動調節亮度,進一步照顧您眼睛的舒適度
  • 3種色溫,適用於不同場景
  • 15W快速充電,通過無線充電和USB端口為設備充電
  • LED長達35,000小時壽命
  • 內置過熱、過充電、短路和FOB保護

Momax QL9 Q.Led 2 Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger 無線充電座檯燈 - Grey / White

  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz

    Power: 36W

    Lamp beads power: 90 x 0.5W

    Output 1 (wireless): 12V 1.25A (15W Max.)

    Output 2 (USB-A): 5V 2A (10W Max.)

    Recovery repair: 5

    Dimensions: 332 x 368 x 415mm (expanded)

    Weight: 1400g±30g


    輸入 : 100-240V 50/60Hz

    功率 : 36W

    燈珠功率 : 90 x 0.5W

    輸出 1 (無線) : 12V/ 1.25A (15W Max.)

    輸出 2 (USB-A) : 5V/ 2A (10W Max.)

    亮度設置 : 5級

    色溫模式 : 3種, 3000-5000k (暖色/自然白/冷日光)

    尺寸 : 332 x 368 x 415mm (展開)

    重量 : 1400g±30g(不含適配器)

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