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Momax KB1 ONELINK Wireless Keyboard with Stand 

Specially designed for iPad Pro 11 and iPad Air 4/5. It provides all rounded protection for your device and a fold to go solution. With flexible viewing angle set up, you can enjoy a convenient wireless keyboard control on this premium cover case.

  • Designed for Apple | Securely fit and works with iPad Pro 11” (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen) and iPad Air 10.9” (4th & 5th Gen)
  • Magnetic attached smart cover | Flip to awake, close and put it to sleep. Multi standing positions gives you the perfect viewing angle
  • Get your job done from anywhere | iPad and keyboard can be stored in a book manner and carry out easily
  • Stable connection and easy to use | Reliable wireless connection, memorize up to 3-devices and easily shift in between by function keys
  • Control at your fingertips | A full roll shortcut keys on top allows an easy command to manage settings and complete your tasks
  • An all rounded helper in multi-OS | Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows OS



Momax KB1 ONELINK 無線鍵盤連座枱皮套

專為 iPad Pro11、iPad Air 4/5 設計,提供周全的保護和摺疊攜帶出行的方案。通過靈活的視角調較,你可以享受到便利的無線鍵盤操作。

  • 專為蘋果設計 | 支援iPad Pro 11” (第1、2及3代) 和iPad Air 10.9” (第4及5代)
  • 磁吸保護套 | 一揭喚醒,蓋合休眠。不同支撐角度為你提供完美的視角
  • 隨時隨地完成工作 | iPad和鍵盤能以書本方式摺合,輕鬆攜帶出外
  • 連接穩定,使用方便 | 可靠的無線連接,最多可與三部裝備連接,並通過功能鍵輕鬆切換操作
  • 觸手可及的控制 | 鍵盤頂部的快捷鍵使用家能簡單快捷地進行設置,輕鬆完成工作
  • 跨平台的全能助手 | 兼容 iOS、Android 和 Windows 操作系統

Momax KB1 ONELINK Wireless Keyboard with Stand 無線鍵盤連座枱皮套

  • Battery capacity: 180mAh

    USB-C input: 5V=0.15A

    Wireless version, Frequency range: 5.0, 2.402GHz-2.408GHz

    Working time: 50 hours (Keyboard), 15 hours (Touchpad)

    Charging time: 2 hours

    Compatible OS: iOS, Android, Windows

    Compatible models: iPad Pro 11” (1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen), iPad Air 10.9” (4th Gen)

    Size: 251.3 x 182.2 x 6mm (Folded)

    Weight: 242±5g (Keyboard), 320±5g (Case)

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