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Momax AP9S Ultra-Air Mist IoT UV-C Purifying Fan with Humidifier

Fully humidify, purify air and monitor air quality. Kill bacteria through UV-C ultraviolet light, H14 HEPA filter bacteria and viruses efficiently, built-in air quality and relative humidity sensors, while monitoring PM2.5 concentration and measuring environmental humidity to activate the humidification function, bringing you fresh and moisturized air .


  • UV-C ultraviolet light can effectively kill bacteria in the air
  • H14 HEPA filter with a diameter of less than 1 micron, can filter 99.995% 0.3 micron airborne particles, 0.1-0.25 micron bacteria and viruses
  • Built-in air quality and relative humidity sensors to monitor PM2.5 concentration and measure environmental humidity
  • Equipped with a humidifier, which can be operated independently; set automatic mode or 1 to 3 stages of humidification spray to add moisture around you and make it cooler
  • Up to 9 wind speeds and 3 quick modes can be adjusted
  • Leafless design, fashionable and safe
  • IoT smart advantage | execute preset mode based on weather
  • APP/remote control/light touch power button-3 methods, simple operation
  • Support Google Assistant, Alexa voice operation



Momax AP9S 智能紫外光空氣淨化加濕風扇

全方位加濕、淨化空氣及監察空氣質素。通過UV-C紫外光殺滅細菌、H14 HEPA 高效過濾細菌及病毒、內置空氣質素及相對濕度傳感器,同時監察PM2.5濃度和測量環境濕度而啟動加濕功能,為您帶來清新滋潤的空氣。


  • UV-C紫外光,高效殺滅空氣中細菌
  • H14 HEPA濾網直徑小於1微米, 可過濾 99.995% 0.3微米的空氣傳播粒,0.1-0.25微米的細菌及病毒
  • 再吸附甲醛、PM2.5、煙味、微細致敏原等
  • 內置空氣質素及相對濕度傳感器,監察PM2.5濃度和測量環境濕度
  • 置有加濕器,可獨立操作;設自動模式或1至3段加濕噴霧,為您周圍添加水分、更加涼快
  • 可調整多達9段風速及3種快捷模式
  • 無葉設計 時尚安全
  • IoT 智能優勢 | 根據天氣執行預設模式
  • APP/遙控/輕觸式電源鍵 - 3種方法,簡單操作
  •  支援Google Assistant、Alexa語音操作

Momax AP9S Ultra-Air Mist IoT UV-C Purifying Fan with Humidifier 智能紫外光空氣淨化加濕風扇

  • Operating voltage/frequency: 100-240V ~50/60Hz

    Power: 60W, DC24V, 2.5A

    Clean air volume: 86.3m3/hr

    Applicable area: up to 37.5m2 (ceiling height: 2.3m)

    UV lamp life: 10000 hours

    Wind speed: 4.5-4.6m/s

    Auto power off timer: 1-8 hrs

    Water tank capacity: 1.2L

    Dimensions: 815 x 225 x 225mm

    Weight: 4.1kg ± 0.3kg

    Color: White


    操作電壓/頻率: 100-240V ~50/60Hz

    功率: 60W, DC24V, 2.5A

    空氣潔淨量: 86.3m3/hr

    適用面積: 可達 37.5m2 (天花高度 : 2.3m)

    紫外光燈壽命: 10000 小時

    風速: 4.5 - 4.6m/s

    自動關機定時器: 1-8 hrs

    水箱容量: 1.2L

    尺寸: 815 x 225 x 225mm

    重量: 4.1kg ± 0.3kg

    顏色 : 白色


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