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breo iSee M - Eye Massager

Smart eye massager with app control.  iSee M allows you to customise your massage experience with your personal preference. Along with the options of 3 air pressure mode, you can now pre-set the length of your massage session, temperature of the warm compress and even create your own music playlist all from your mobile devices.
- German IF Design Award 2019
- Through an intelligent combination of air pressure, heat compression and vibration to relieve tired eyes.
- Warm massage with adjustable heat level that promotes blood circulation.
- Built with 3 unique massage modes to relax your body and mind.
- Easy to use with simply one switch to turn on/off and adjust
intensity levels.
- Connect to breo app, allowing you to fully customise the massage by setting the time, heat, pressure and frequency.
- 180 ° foldable making it fit for different face shapes. 
- Wireless design, foldable and light weight, only weights 300g,  easy to travel with.
- About 2 hours long standby battery life with 1150mAh polymer lithium battery.


breo iSee M 眼部按摩器

智能眼部按摩器 iSee M 以可折疊的便攜機身為您帶來隨心定制的按摩體驗。智能按摩氣囊結合舒適的恒溫熱敷,可連結手機程式設定按摩,充分作用於眼部以及眼周穴位,為您緩解眼部疲勞。三種按摩模式一鍵調節,亦可與移動設備連接,定制您的按摩時長、熱敷溫度,更可自行設置音樂清單,讓您充分享受按摩樂趣。


- 獲2019 德國 IF 設計獎
- 智能按摩氣囊隨氣壓變化按摩不同穴位,溫和揉壓眼周
- 恒溫熱敷,智能調節熱敷溫度,緩解眼部疲勞
- 內置3種不同按摩模式,有效放鬆及舒緩疲勞
- 操作簡單,一鍵切換按摩模式,隨心享受
- 智能APP操控,可自由設定力度、熱敷溫度、按摩時長等,更可播放手機内置音樂
- 無線設計,可180 °全折疊收納,完美貼合各種臉型,且方便攜带
- 小巧便攜,僅重300g,配有收納袋,輕鬆出行隨時隨地享受放鬆
- 約2小時長續航,內置11500mAh聚合鋰電池,安全耐用

breo iSee M - Eye Massager 眼部按摩器

  • Product Model: iSee M

    Input: 5V

    Power: 5W

    Battery: 1150mAh

    Changing Timel: about 2-3 hours

    Battery Life:  about 2 hours

    Net Weight: 300g

    Product Dimension: L210 x W75 x H110 mm


    產品型號 : iSee M







    產品尺寸:L210 x W75 x H110 mm

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