breo iNeck 3 Pro 按摩頸枕

根據人體頸部構造,內置3D圓潤觸頭,仿照手指關節推拿,強有力的雙向揉捏動作, 200º環頸放鬆享受,令你加倍放鬆.可通過手機APP操控,隨時隨地調節按摩方式及力度。


  • U形環頸式設計,全面貼合脖形

  • 3D圓潤觸頭加氣墊按壓,仿人手關節推拿穴位

  • 內置三種按摩模式,三檔轉速可調,有效放鬆及舒緩疲勞肌肉

  • 恒溫熱敷,促進血液循環及新陳代謝, 內置感溫探頭,實時調節 溫度,緩解僵硬痠痛

  • 智能APP操控,隨心調節按摩方式、速度及力度

  • 輕巧便攜,無線設計,隨時隨地享受放鬆

  • 親膚材質,膚感舒適,耐髒易清潔

  • 清潔方便,外罩可拆卸水洗(手洗)

  • 長續航,內置3450mAh聚合物鋰電池,安全耐用,充滿可使用2小 時,每日使用20分鐘可使用約一週


breo iNeck 3 Pro - Neck Massager

A pillow with an integrated intelligent massager, perfect for relaxing, travelling or at home. The innovative 3D neck massage fingers give a very natural feeling. The fingers flex and provide correct pressure to reflex and acu-points on the neck. In addition the technology senses the force to translate into a very human like experience.


  •  Fully-covered U-shaped design perfectly fits your neck.

  • 3-node massage heads simulate the kneading massage of a professional

    massage therapist.

  • Built with 3 massage modes and 3 adjustable intensity levels that perform various acupressure techniques.

  • Warm massage at optimal heat level that promotes blood circulation.

  • Connect to breo app, allowing you to fully customise the massage by

    setting the time, heat, pressure and frequency.

  • Wireless design, portable and easy to travel with.

  • Comfortable and breathable silk fabric, easy to clean. Cover fabric is washable.

  • Long standby with 3450mAh polymer lithium battery. One time charging gives 2 hours of use time. Use 20 min/day, can last for 7 days.

breo iNeck 3 Pro - Neck Massager

  • BATTERY LIFE: 2.5 hrs

    MATERIALS: fabric / ABS / PU

    COLOR: brown / grey

    CHARGING TIME: 6 hrs

    INPUT: 5V⎓

    NET WEIGHT: 1050 g


    DIMENSION: L10.04 x W10.43 x H3.54 (in)

    BATTERY CAPACITY: 1150 & 2300 mAh

    ACCESSORIES: adaptor / charging cable


  • iNeck 3 Neck Massager x 1

    Charging Cable x 1 

    Adapter x 1 

    User's Manual x 1 

    Warranty Card x 1

    Protective Cover x 1

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