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breo iDream 5 - Head Massager

The massager is characterized by intelligent head massgae mode, 5 contacts and 150 claws, 4 functions. The body is detachable and the head circumference adopts one key adjustment design. Under the control of mobile phone app, the massage mode and force can be adjusted whenever possible to provide more relaxing massage and more convenient control.


  •  360° deep scalp massage using 5 massage heads and 150 pressure points.

  • Built with 3 unique massage modes and 4 massage functions to relax your body and mind.  

  • Connect to breo app, which allows you to fully customise the massage by setting the time, heat, pressure and frequency.  Can play music playlist in your mobile phone.

  • Removable glasses for convenient daily use.  Size adjustable to fit everyone.

  • Comfortable and breathable fabric of protein leather, easy to clean. 

  • Long standby with 2300mAh polymer lithium battery.



breo iDream 5S 智能頭部按摩器

智能頭部按摩方式,5觸頭150抓,暢享4大功能,包括揉壓穴位﹑ 靜心引導﹑ 智能氣壓及恆溫熱敷。機身採用可拆分設計,頭圍大小一鍵調節。可通過手機APP操控,隨時隨地調節按摩方式及力度,讓按摩更輕鬆,操控更方便。


  • 5組按摩頭,150個按摩觸手,360度全方位按摩
  • 3種按摩模式,4種按摩功能組合,有效放鬆頭部
  • 智能APP簡單操控,隨心調節按摩方式、力度及時長。更可連結手機播放音樂
  • 頭圍尺寸可調節,眼部鏡面可拆卸,更添便利性
  • 材質抗臟耐磨,不易變形 , 蛋白皮材質,舒適抑菌易清潔,長時間按摩無積汗
  • 長續航 ,內置2300mAh聚合物鋰電池,安全耐用

breo iDream 5S - Head Massager 智能頭部按摩器

  • Product Model: iDream 5S
    Input: 5V
    Power: 5W
    Battery: 2300mAh
    Changing Timel: about 4.5 hours
    Battery Life:  about 2.5  hours
    Net Weight: 960g
    Product Dimension : L254 x W210 x H242 mm


    產品型號:iDream 5S
    產品尺寸:L254 x W210 x H242 mm

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