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BRUNO Twist Table Clock - White / Red / Green

Able to set 3 different timers simultaneously and activate the counting by just turning the rotary switch, suitable for different occasions, such as cooking, studying or doing workouts, etc.  Skip resetting the timer every time!

  • Timer. Able to set 3 different timers simultaneously. Activate the timer by simply turning the rotary switch. 
  • 12/24 Hour display
  • Date display
  • Alarm
  • Snooze
  • LED lights

BRUNO 扭扭座枱鐘 - 白色 / 紅色/ 綠色

可預設3個常用的計時時間, 旋轉即可立即計時,毋需每次調較時間,助您更方便地管理時間!

  • 計時器, 可預設3個常用的計時時間, 旋轉即啟動計時
  • 12/24小時顯示
  • 日期顯示
  • 鬧鐘
  • 延遲響鬧
  • LED燈

BRUNO Twist Table Clock 扭扭座枱鐘 - White / Red / Green

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