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BRUNO Styling Handy Steamer - Greige / Mint Green / Blue Gray / Pink Beige


Whether it's a busy morning or a tired evening, with BRUNO's new Styling Handy Steamer, you can quickly and easily make your daily clothes look good. Its lightweight design, powerful functions, and easy-to-use features make it a must-have helper in your life!


Lightweight body reduces fatigue, a gentle sweep on clothes quickly removes wrinkles and odor!


Easy to operate design
Designed with an easy-to-grasp handle, even small hands can grip it securely. The center of gravity is located at the bottom of the product, greatly reducing wrist fatigue.


More convenient water filling
Equipped with a water filler, filling is simpler and faster. During use, there is no leakage or splashing, making it safer to operate.


2 steam modes
You can choose between two steam jet modes, "LO mode" and "HI mode", depending on the wrinkling situation and garment material.


  • Super light-weight only 750g
  • Powerful steam output at 18g/min
  • 1000W fast heat up in 25 seconds
  • Removable water tank for 130g of water
  • Every refill can steam 3 shirts
  • Extra long 3m power cord



BRUNO 手提蒸氣掛燙機 - 米白色 / 薄荷綠色 / 藍色 / 粉紅色


無論是忙碌的早上,或是疲憊的晚上,有了 BRUNO 全新 Styling Handy Steamer,就能快速簡易地為日常衣物打點妥當,外型輕巧、功能強大、隨取隨用的特質,讓它能成為你生活必備的好幫手!








BRUNO Styling Handy Steamer 手提蒸氣掛燙機

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