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BRUNO Multi LED Lantern 

LED lantern with a vintage and fashionable design. 3 Lighting modes allow you to choose different light colors according to the occasion, freely adjust the brightness, and create the ideal light.


- 3 lighting modes, includes white light, daylight and simulated candlelight (2700K and 6500K)
- Different colors to suit various occasions, adjust brightness anytime to create ideal lighting effect
- It can be used for 3-35 hours after being charged with a lithium ion battery, while it can be used for 1-25 hours with a 2A alkaline battery
- IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating, suitable for outdoor use
- It can be used as a 4400mAh mobile power bank for charging. 

- Can be fully charged by USB in 5 hours (with 5V, 2.1A charger)



BRUNO 多用途 LED 復古營燈

復古時尚設計的LED 復古營燈。3種燈光模式,根據場合選擇不同燈光顏色,自由調節亮度,打造理想光線。


- 3種燈光模式,包括白光、日光及模擬燭光 (2700K及6500K) 。
- 根據場合選擇不同燈光顏色,自由調節亮度,打造理想光線
- 以鋰離子電池充電後可使用3-35小時,而2A 鹼性電池則可使用1-25小時
- IP54防水防塵規格,適合戶外使用
- 可用作4400mAh移動電源充電。
- 使用USB為營燈充電,5小時可充滿 (5V, 2.1A的環境下)。

BRUNO Multi LED Lantern 多用途 LED 復古營燈 - Ivory / Brick Red / Grayish Black