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BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker & Gateau Plates - Bundle Set

(1) BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker   - Lavender / Pink 

Vintage and fashionable designed sandwich maker, campact and easy to store.
- Compact sandwich maker design, can be stored upright to save space
- With a convenient 10-minute timer function, you can cook breakfast without worry
- The bakeware can be removed for cleaning
- Differentl bakeware designs can be purchased additionally

(2) Petit Gateau Plates (For BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker)

BRUNO Sandwich Maker exclusive gateau cake bakeware.


BRUNO 單片三文治機及小蛋糕烤盤套裝

(1) BRUNO 單片三文治機 - 紫色/粉色

復古時尚設計, 小巧易收藏的單片三文治機。
- 小巧易收藏的單片三文治機設計,可直立式收納更省空間
- 設有 10 分鐘計時便利功能,烤製早餐免煩惱
- 烤盤可拆出清洗
- 另有多款烤盤可額外選購


(2) 小蛋糕烤盤 (BRUNO單片三文治機專用)

BRUNO 單片三文治機專屬烤盤, 可製作多種造型獨特的烘焙菓子

BRUNO Hot Sandwich Maker & Gateau Plates - Bundle Set

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