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BRUNO Handy and Press Steamer - Blue Gray / Greige

Iron and steam 2 in 1, it fits all garments no matter is a shirt that needs completely straight, or the silk that needs extra care.

  • Ready to use in 25 seconds, you can finish the steaming as soon as possible
  • Come with filling cup to prevent overflowing
  • Auto stop after 10 mins idle to prevent overheating
  • Attached ironing brush for feathery fabric
  • 3 temperature settings (120/160/200°C) for ironing
  • Adjustable steam volume (approx.10g /min MID and 15g/min HI) to fit various fabrics’ need
  • 100ml water tank that can use for 10 minutes continuously 


BRUNO 手提兩用掛熨蒸氣熨斗 - 藍灰色 / 米白色

立即去除礙眼的衣服皺摺及令人煩惱的異味!日本人氣家居生活品牌BRUNO推出全新BRUNO Handy and Press Steamer兩用掛熨蒸氣熨斗,外型簡約輕巧僅重790g,可自由切換平熨或掛熨,簡單操作讓使用時更方便容易,具備迅速預熱特性令早上出門前只需幾分鐘就可熨平衣服。除了衣服外,也可使用掛燙機消除異味及殺菌,絕對是繁忙時的好幫手!

  • 約25秒快速預熱,迅速出蒸氣,每次可蒸熨約3件恤衫
  • 附設注水器,注入時減少出現滴漏
  • 約10分鐘自動斷電功能,閒置時可放於隔熱收納盒
  • 附送的刷子可令掛熨時蒸氣更深入長毛或厚身棉絨衣物
  • 3段溫度控制(120/160/200°C)
  • 備有強/弱蒸氣調節(約10及15g/min)適用於各類面料
  • 100ml水箱可連續使用約10分鐘

BRUNO Handy and Press Steamer 手提兩用掛熨蒸氣熨斗 - Blue Gray / Greige

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