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breo Massagun S1 - Mini Massage Gun 

Powerful pocket-sized massage gun with a body of only 220 grams. Portable in pocket size with an length of 11.65 cm, smaller than a smart phone. 

  • A continuation of the classic short T-shape with an ergonomic design. Curved to fit the palm for a comfortable grip.
  • Two-button control, simple one-hand operation for massaging the whole body.
  • Four-speed settings for various massage needs (2000 – 3000 RPM).
  • Light weighted at only 220g. Portable in pocket size with an length of 11.65 cm, smaller than a smart phone.
  • 4 massage heads to target different muscle groups for effective muscle relief (1 main unit and 3 applicators).
  • Noise reduction technology installed. Noise level around 50dB.
  • about 4 hours long standby battery life with 1100mAh battery.  USB-C charging port.



breo Massagun S1 迷你按摩槍



  • 經典短T型設計,弧形貼合手掌,握感舒適。
  • 簡易單手操作,兩個按鍵控制,輕鬆按摩全身。
  • 4檔速度設置,滿足不同按摩需求 (2000 – 3000 /)
  • 重量僅220g機身長度僅11.65cm 體積比智能電話小,便於攜帶。
  • 4款按摩頭 針對不同身體部位(主機1款及3款按摩頭套)。
  • 搭載靜音科技,低噪音,運行音量約50dB
  • 長續航 ,內置1100mAh聚合鋰電池 ,充滿電約可使用4小時。  Type-C充電口。


breo Massagun S1 - Mini Massage Gun 迷你按摩槍

Colour: Gray
  • Product Name: Massagun S1

    Product Model: Sport-M310

    Input: 5V

    Power 10W

    Battery: 1100mAh

    Charging Time: about 2 hours

    Battery Life: about 4 hours

    Net Weight: 220g

    Product Dimension: 11.65 x 7.9 x 3.3 cm

    Packing Dimension: 12.4 x 9.7 x 4 cm


    產品名稱: Massagun S1







    淨重: 220g

    產品尺寸:11.65 x 7.9 x 3.3 cm

    包裝尺寸:12.4 x 9.7 x 4 cm

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