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breo Back 2 Massage Pillow 

A wireless massaging pillow that's upgraded to 30mm in height, providing extra back support.  It combines ergonomically designed kneading and heat compression technology to provide deep tissue relief for body aches. Applicable in multiple body areas.


- Wireless operation with a portable design. Enjoy it anywhere anytime in your car, at work or at home. 
- 3 intensity levels with 3D massage heads that simulate the kneading techniques of a professional massage therapist.
- 42℃ heating function that promotes blood circulation and boosts muscle relief.
- Upgraded to 30cm in height, providing extra back support. 
- Extensive usage, applicable in multiple body areas like neck, shoulder, back, arms and legs.
- Comfortable and breathable memory foam fabric.
- 15min auto-off system to avoid over massaging.
- 3 hours full charge for 5-7 times of 15 min use (approx 75-105 min).  Long standby with 2200mAh battery polymer lithium battery.  USB-C charging port.

* Back 2 Hong Kong version with "breo" logo in English on both sides of the massager.  The pictures are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.


breo Back 2 按摩枕

無線設計大面積按摩枕,新升級30cm高支撐更舒適。仿人手觸感揉捏配合熱敷按摩,緩解肌肉疲勞, 全身多部位適用。


- 無線設計輕巧便攜,車載、居家、辦公都適用,隨時隨地享受放鬆
- 3檔按摩力道,3D立體按摩頭, 仿人手推拿設計
- 42℃ 恆溫熱敷,促進血液循環,舒緩僵硬肌肉
- 加寬加高,30cm高度大面積支撐更舒適
- 身體多部位適用, 腰背部、肩頸、腹部、手臂、小腿皆可適用
- 透氣記憶棉材質
- 15分鐘智能定時按摩,保障安全

- 3小時充滿電,可使用約5-7次,每次約15分鐘 (約75-105分鐘續航時間)。 2200mA聚合物鋰電池  長效續航。 Type-C充電口。


* Back 2 按摩枕香港版正反均印有"breo"英文logo。 圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。

breo Back 2 Massage Pillow 按摩枕

  • Product Model: Back 2
    Input: 5V
    Power 10W
    Battery:  2200mAh
    Net Weight: 1360g
    Product Dimension: L300 x W300 x H125 mm

    型號: Back 2
    電壓: 5V
    功率: 10W
    電池容量: 2200mAh
    淨重: 1360g
    產品尺寸: L300 x W300 x H125 mm

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