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BRUNO Double Steamer & Ceramic-coated Pot Bundle (for BOE021 BRUNO Compact Hot Plate)

(1) Double Steamer (BOE021-STEAM)

A must-have double-layered steaming tool for healthy cooking! Exclusive for BRUNO Compact Hot Plate, the double-layered steaming compartment to be used with ceramic deep pot accessories for cooking dishes. Two-layered design, can be freely matched and used, and stacked for storage. The iron mesh in the middle allows the steam to transmitte to the upper layer more easily for the even heating.


(2) Ceramic-coated Pot (BOE021-NABE)

Exclusive accessories for BRUNO Compact Hot Plate, with extra large capacity, suitable for making various rice noodles, hot pot or stew.
- Ceramic non-stick surface
- Protective handles
- Suitable for making paella, oden, slow cooking, boiled fish, traditional/spicy hot pot
- Product size: 405 x 242 x 70 (h) mm
- Product weight: 0.98 kg


BRUNO 雙層蒸隔 及陶瓷深窩套裝 (BOE021 BRUNO 多功能電熱鍋適用)

(1) 雙層蒸隔 (BOE021-STEAM)

健康蒸煮必備,好評如潮的雙層蒸隔工具! BRUNO 多功能電熱鍋專屬雙層蒸隔,可配合陶瓷深鍋配件作蒸煮菜式。 兩層設計,可自由配搭使用,及堆疊收納。 鐵網間隔設計,蒸氣更容易傳達至上層, 蒸煮火力更均勻。


(2) 陶瓷深窩 (BOE021-NABE)

BRUNO 多功能電熱鍋專屬配件,容量特大,適合製作各種飯麵、火鍋或燉煮用途。
- 陶瓷不沾表面
- 隔熱手柄
- 適合製作海鮮飯、關東煮、慢煮、水煮魚、傳統/麻辣火鍋
- 產品呎寸:405 x 242 x 70 (h) 毫米
- 產品重量: 0.98 公斤

BRUNO Double Steamer & Ceramic-coated Pot Bundle 雙層蒸隔 及陶瓷深窩套裝 (BOE021 適用)

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