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AVIOT TE-D01d mk2

Successor of AVIOT's anchor model with a Stronger Spec.

更強勁規格  延續好音色

  • 獎項 - 榮獲日本HiFi界最高權威獎項 2020 VGP 金獎。

  • 外型 - 耳機本體採用雲母材質以漸層烤漆技術製成,充電盒以親膚性佳的特殊塗層打造,設計有質感。

  • 音色 - 由日本音頻職人打造完全日本調音(JAPAN TUNED),加上對應 aptXTM 高音質編碼,實現低失真高音質的耹聽享受,訊號轉換速度加快,排除延遲現象。

  • 續航力 - 可連續耹聽11小時,搭配充電盒使用高達120小時。耳機充電盒内置約1,950mAh電池,可透過USB為其他移動設備充電。​​支援市售Qi無線充電,更配有USB type C接口,更添便利性(Qi無線充電盤需另外購買)

  • 連接力 - 沿用 AVIOT TE-D01d 廣受好評的內置天線設計加以改良,提升連線穏定度。搭載Qualcomm QCC3026 TWS Stereo Plus Chipset ,左右耳機獨立連接,強化穏定性。

  • 清晰度 - 麥克風提供CVC降噪功能,通話清晰

  • 舒適度 - 耳機本體以人體工學原理設計,配戴舒適牢固。附有多個尺寸的3種不同材質耳塞,包括與SpinFit 共同開發高的音質耳塞CP355強化配戴舒適度同時也著重音質表現

  • 牢固度 - 耳機附耳翼,運動時不易脫落,附送一條專用掛繩,防止耳機掉落。

  • 防水度 - IPX5等級,讓你無懼汗水雨水,跑步時遇到下雨也免擔心!

  • 安全感 - 搭載環境音收音功能,無需取下耳機即能透過內鍵麥克風收聽外在環境聲音,倍添安全感

  • 智能化 - 可連結 AVIOT Sound XXX應用程式, 隨心調整觸控模式、情境音組合等。

  • 1年產品保養服務 (只限香港購買)

  • Japan VGP 2020 Gold Award

  • Developed by a team of Japan audio experts aims to achieve a high “Japan tuned” sound quality

  • Support aptX lossless audio coding , further enhancing sound quality

  • Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3026 SoC delivers ultimate sound quality  

  • 11 hours' continuous playtime and offers up to 120 hours' playtime with fully charged case

  • Aviot-designed built-in antenna allowing to minimize sound interruptions

  • The charging case integrated with a battery of ~1,950mAh, can also serve as a power bank to charge mobile devices  

  • Quick charge function -  a 15 minute charge gives 2 hour of battery life

  • Support wireless charging with a commercially available Qi standard charger. It also supports USB-Type C.

  • Microphone with CVC noise cancelling function ensuring a clear phone call 

  • Comes with 3 types of ear tips in different sizes including SpinFit CP355 ear tips, bring your listening experience to the next level

  • Ergonomic design, comes with attached ear-wings and a lanyard, help to prevent the earbuds from dropping at sports 

  • IPX5 level waterproof, make it ideal for most sports activities

  • New "ambient micro” mode enable user to stay alert of the surrounding 

  • Connect to AVIOT Sound XXX APP to customize your earphone settings 

  • 1 year warranty (applied to Hong Kong purchase only)

Price: $1,180
Now only: $580



With AVIOT power-saving design know-how and the latest SoC technology, this product achieves a long time playback of up to 11 hours on its own, and up to 120 hours when used with the charging case.

*Playtime may vary depending on the usage of ambient microphone function and usage of aptX codec.

 Up to 120 Hours of Continuous Playback * 
Copy of 191119_aviot6404_1125.jpg

The charging case has a large capacity battery. As long as you can charge your earphones 10 times, you can use it as a mobile battery to easily charge your smartphone or other devices. No more carrying heavy power bank with you. Wireless charging is possible with a commercially available Qi standard charger. It also supports USB-Type C.

Support Wireless Charging 
More Connected with AVIOT

A disadvantage of true wireless earphones without external cable that functions as an antenna is that the sound is easily interrupted due to crosstalk in urban crowds where countless radio waves are emitted at the same time. Utilizing the high frequency circuit design technology and implementation know-how, AVIOT designed an original built-in antenna. 

Together with the latest QCC 3026 SoC,  characterized by extremely high resistance to noise it allowed to minimize sound interruptions even in harsh radio environments such as trains and station premises.

Copy of 191221_aviot8274_1226.jpg
​Ergomomic Design, Comfortable to Wear 
Copy of 191125_aviot4380_1126.jpg

The TE-D01d mk2 pursues an ergonomic design that is not only comfortable to use for long periods of time, but also has a ear-wings structure that prevents it from coming out during sports such as running.  (recommended to use with ear-wings during sports).  The ear-wings also comes in 2 colours and in 2 sizes.

In addition, the TE-D01d mk2 comes with 3 types of ear tips in different sizes, bringing your listening experience to the next level.

  • Thin flange standard ear tips. (S, M, L)

  • Noise canceling memory foam ear tips. (S, M)

  • AVIOT exclusive high-quality sound Spinfit CP-355 ear tips. (SS, S, M) 

With three types of ear tips in different sizes, surely there is one fits your needs!

Japanese High-class Design 

AVIOT is committed to being the highest quality.  The TE-

-D01d mk2 offers a high-class charging case that is designed for high-class sounds.  Special metal coating gives it a glossy appearance that is reminiscent of lacquer. 

Compatible with High Sound Quality aptX Codec

Besides SBC and other conventional codecs, the Bluetooth codec also supports higher sound quality standards as AAC and aptX. Using an aptX compatible Android device, you can enjoy a wide range of sounds with more information volume. The sound delay is low, about 1/3 of SBC (theoretical value). Increased sound signal processing speed allowed to reduce the sound delay when using SBC and AAC codecs. You can enjoy playing videos on YouTube without stress.​

Copy of 191119_aviot7638_1126.jpg
 More Convenient with Ambient Microphone 

The TE-D01d mk2 has an ambient microphone (external sound capture) function that has been requested until now. Built-in microphone allows you to capture ambient sounds while wearing the earphones.

IPX5 Waterproof, Ideal for Sports

A nano-coating used to strengthen the shielding against sweat and rain allowed to achieve the IPX5 level waterproof performance.  Improved fit due ergonomic design and attached ear-wings make earphones  suitable for intense movement conditions,  such as sport activities. 

Built-in Microphone for Calling

The earphones are equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and cVc noise canceling function, so you can make calls comfortably with your smartphone while wearing the earphones. By using a PC with Bluetooth communication function, you can use it for online calls such as web meetings during telework without worrying about the cable. 

Copy of 6X8A5095_レタッチ済.jpg
Lanyard Attachment to Prevent Losing Earphones 

Comes with a lanyard to attach to ear-wings to prevent earphones from coming out during sports such as running.

Quick Charge Function

15 minute of charging gives 2 hours of battery life.

Mini-sized Remote Control​

With buttons located on the side of the earphones you can perform basic operations such as starting and stopping the playback and adjusting the sound volume. A built-in microphone allows you not only to make calls, but also easily access Siri & Google Assistant.

Connect with AVIOT Sound XXX App 
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 1.11.42 PM.png

AVIOT Sound XXX is a free application for AVIOT earphones.  It is an easy-to-use utility app with a 10-band graphic equalizer, key assignment change function, and firmware update function.

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 1.11.51 PM.png
Colour of Elegance and Style
3 colour options:Dark Rouge, Navy and Black
(ear-wings come in 2 colours, 2 sizes)


  • Type of drivers​: φ6mm Dynamic​

  • Sensitivity​: 90db±3dB

  • Impedance​:16±15%Ω​

  • Max Output Power​: 5V/1A

  • Chipset​: Qualcomm QCC3026​

  • Microphone​: CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling​

  • Battery Capacity​: Earbud: 60mAh / Case: 1950mAh​

  • Call Time​: 5.5 Hours​

  • Playback Time​:  11 Hours​

  • Charging time​: Around 2 Hours​ 

​       (needs additional 30-60 min with Qi standard wireless charging)

  • Charging Port​: USB Type C

  • Waterproof ​: IPX5​

  • Supported codec​: AAC, SBC, aptX 

  • Supported Profile​: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP


  • USB Type C Charging Cable​: 1 piece​

  • Standard Ear Tips​: 3 pairs  (S / M / L)​

  • SpinFit CP355 ear Tips: 3 pairs  (SS / S / M)

  • Memory Foam Ear Tips: 2 pairs (S / M)

  • Ear-wings​: 2 colors in 2 sizes (S/M​)

  • Lanyard attachment: 1 piece 

  • Carrying Pouch​: 1​ piece

  • User Manual​: 1​

​User Manual Chinese Version (Hong Kong)
用戶手冊 中文版(香港)

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