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Philips Soda Maker ADD4902  

Sparkle up your life!

Treat yourself with refreshing sparkling water anytime with Philips GoZero soda maker. All you need to do is 3 easy steps - fill, twist and press! Sleek design with brushed stainless steel finishing.

  • No electricity required.
  • Sleek design with brushed stainless steel finishing easily fits your kitchen or home styles.
  • Reduces single-use plastic bottles - One carbonating cylinder makes up to 60 liters of delicious sparkling water, replacing 120 single-use plastic bottles.

  • Safety guaranteed with the built-in safety relief valve  - When the machine is operating, the safety relief valve releases the pressure inside the bottle automatically. The buzzing sound also indicates the sparkling water is ready to be enjoyed.

  • BPA-free material.

  • 3 easy steps to make fresh sparkling water at home: fill, twist and press!

  • Customize the carbonation levels based on your personal preference. Simply repeat the carbonation process to have more tongue tingling bubbles!

  • Carbonate sparkling water anytime, anywhere - The soda maker requires no electricity to operate, so you can get fresh sparkling water anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is to press the button and then enjoy.






Philips GoZero 梳打水機隨時為您提供清爽的梳打水。只需簡單 3 步 - 注水、扭緊,然後按下按鈕!採用磨砂面不銹鋼製造,設計時尚。

  • 無需電源。
  • 磨砂面不銹鋼塗裝,設計時尚,可輕易搭配您的廚房或家居風格。

  • 減少使用即棄塑膠樽 - 一個碳酸化氣瓶可生產多達 60 升爽口的梳打水,替代 120 個即棄塑膠樽。

  • 內置安全洩壓閥,確保安全 - 梳打水機運轉時,安全洩壓閥自動釋放瓶內壓力。嗡嗡聲也表示梳打水已經準備就緒,供您享用。

  • 不含雙酚 A 物料。

  • 3 個簡單步驟便可在家自製清爽的梳打水:注水、扭緊、按下按鈕。

  • 控制碳酸化水平,自訂飲品 - 按個人喜好自訂碳酸化水平。只需重複碳酸化過程即可產生更多刺激味蕾的氣泡!

  • 隨時隨地享用碳酸梳打水 - 梳打水機無需電源即可運作,因此您可以隨時隨地享用清爽的梳打水。您只需要按下按鈕,然後享受氣泡的快感。

Philips Soda Maker ADD4902 梳打水機 - White / Black

  • Control: Mechanical button

    Electricity: No electricity required

    Houseing materials: Plastics

    Bottle material: BPA-free PET

    Bottle capacity: 1L

    CO2 Cylinder capacity: 360g

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