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Momax AP11S 2Healthy MAX IoT 2-in-1 Air Purifying Dehumidifier

An all-in-one intelligent dehumidifier that monitors in real time and dehumidifies according to preset targets. In addition, the air purification function equipped with HEPA filter can fully control the indoor air quality and humidity.

  • 2-in-1 solution for dehumidification and air purification for home or office
  • Efficient dehumidification | effective range up to 24m2 (ceiling height 2.3m)
  • HEPA filter with activated carbon and antibacterial coating | block PM2.5, pollen, dust mites, smoke, odor
  • Real-time monitoring | Accurate humidity display
  • Active Roller and Portable Handle | Users can easily move the body and adjust the position
  • Touch panel and LED display | Easy operation, clear data setting
  • MOMAX Smart App intelligent control | Pre-set operation according to user needs



Momax AP11S 2Healthy MAX IoT 智能二合一空氣淨化抽濕機 


  • 為家居或辦公室提供抽濕及空氣淨化的二合一方案 
  • 高效除濕 | 有效範圍達24m2 (天花高度2.3m)
  • HEPA濾網附活性炭及抗菌塗層 | 阻隔PM2.5·花粉·塵蟎·煙霧·氣味
  • 實時監測 | 精準濕度顯示
  • 活動滾輪和便攜式手柄 | 用家可以輕鬆移動機身和調整擺位
  • 觸控式面板與LED顯示| 簡易操作,數據設定一目了然
  • MOMAX Smart App智能控制 | 按用家需要預先設定而運作

Momax AP11S 2Healthy MAX IoT 2-in-1 Air Purifying Dehumidifier 智能二合一空氣淨化抽濕機

  • Size and weight: 295 x 295 x 560mm, 12kg±100g

    Rated voltage, Rated power / Max. power: AC 220-240V 50Hz, 158W/205W

    Filter type: HEPA filter with activated carbon & anti-bacterial technology

    Effective area: Up to 30m2 (Ceiling height 2.3m)

    CADR: Approx. 64m3/hr

    Water tank volume: 3.2L

    Dehumidification capacity: 12L/day (30°C, RH80%), 6.9L/day (27°C, RH60%)

    Working temperature: 5-35°C

    Noise level: <45dB


    尺寸和重量:295 x 295 x 560mm, 12kg±100g

    額定電壓,額定功率/最大功率:AC 220-240V 50Hz,158W/205W

    過濾器類型:採用活性炭和抗菌技術的 HEPA13 過濾器


    CADR:大約 64立方米/小時







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