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Marshall ACTON II Bluetooth Speaker


Acton II is the smallest speaker in the Marshall line-up, but don’t let its size fool you. This dynamic compact speaker features three dedicated class D amplifiers that power its dual tweeters and subwoofer, for a sound that is nothing short of large. It produces a well balanced, powerful audio experience, yet can fit in the tiniest of spaces. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology you can play your music in glorious, stereo sound with no wires required.


  • Multi-host functionality so you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices. 
  • Frequency Range: 50–20,000 Hz
  • Adjustable bass and treble controls
  • Max sound pressure level: 98 dB @ 1 m
  • Bass-reflex cabinet type
  • One 30 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer
  • Two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters
  • 3.5mm input jack wired connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity



Marshall ACTON II 藍牙音箱

ACTON II 是馬歇爾陣容中最小的揚聲器.這款動態緊湊型揚聲器具有三個專用D類放大器,可為其雙高音揚聲器和低音炮提供動力,實現無與倫比的音質。


  • 多頻道功能設計,輕鬆連接與切換兩個藍牙裝置
  • 頻率響應 : 50Hz–20kHz
  • 自訂音效
  • 最大聲壓級:90 dB @ 1 m
  • 立體聲/單聲道
  • 低音單體:30瓦 D 類擴大器 x1
  • 高音單體:15 瓦 D 類擴大器 x2
  • 3.5 mm 音源輸入
  • 5.0 無線藍牙傳輸


Marshall ACTON II Bluetooth Speaker 藍牙音箱

  • Acton II Bluetooth speaker

    Quick start guide

    Legal and safety information

    Mains lead

  • Physical Unit

    Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 150 mm

    Weight: 2.85 kg/6.28 lb

    Water resistance: no


    Driver type: dynamic

    Frequency range: 50-20,000 hz

    Adjustable bass and treble controls: fine-tune your music using the analogue controls on your speaker

    Stereo/mono: stereo

    Maximum sound pressure level: 98 db @ 1 m

    Cabinet principle: bass-reflex

    Power amplifiers: one 30 watt class d amplifier for the woofer, two 15 watt class d amplifiers for the tweeters


    Wi-fi: no

    Wired connectivity: 3.5 mm input

    Top panel controls: source button, volume control knob, bass control knob, treble control knob, play/pause button, Power lever

    Microphone system: no

    Voice command: no

    Customise sound: yes, on speaker and in app

    Bluetooth range: 10 m/30 ft

    Control knob: no

    Codecs: sbc

    Wireless connectivity: bluetooth 5.0


    Mains input voltage: 100–240 v

    Network standby power consumption: no

    Mains frequency: 50–60 hz

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