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VIPO Le Petit Prince Planet LED Light 23cm

Presents the classic scene of The Little Prince, watch le petit prince and the rose as he sits on planet b612.  The planet lamp is a exquisitely crafted work of art that decorates your home.  

  • Tap and dim function: 3 step brightness 
  • Tap to control or remote control (controller included)
  • Recharge via micro-usb, cable included
  • 1800mah battery capability.  6 hours to full charge the lamp and offers up to 20 hours light time 

VIPO 小王子星球 LED 小夜燈 23cm

小王子經典場景再現 小王子B612星球與他的玫瑰在一起的畫面。星球燈造工精美,是一件點綴家居的藝術品。

  • 燈光亮度: 3個亮度
  • 輕拍控制或遙控控制 (附遙控器)
  • USB充電, 附充電線
  • 內置1800mA鋰電池, 6小時充滿電,充滿電後可連續使用約20小時

VIPO Le Petit Prince Planet LED Light 小王子星球LED小夜燈 23cm

  • Dimension:  ø17.5 x H23 cm

    Material: ABS, PVC

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