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Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley

TheTheraBand Shoulder Pulley is an essential tool for people undergoing shoulder rehabilitation in regaining and maintaining range of motion. The adjustable rope length offers custom fit and versatility, and the soft foam handles provide superior comfort during use.

- Two handles for exercise
- No installation needed
- Increase the range of motion as well as extend the arm and shoulder muscle
- Different sections with different color indicators, therefore can show the rehab progress of patient


Thera-Band 肩部拉力器

'- 用於肩部復康治療,持續運動改善活動能力
- 兩個牽拉手握位置
- 不用安裝,只需夾於門上
- 手肩運動,增加活動幅度
- 伸展手臂,手肘和肩膀的肌肉
- 不同顏色節段設計,顯示病人的復康進度

Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley 肩部拉力器

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