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Thera-Band Roller Massager

The TheraBand Roller Massager is a versatile tool for self massage. With its rigid design and durable handles, it's easy to target sore and tight muscles post activity and during warm-ups. Achieve an at-home deep tissue massage with just the right amount of pressure that you can control. Healthcare professionals recommend this self-massage body maintenance tool for runners, cyclists, and those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. Don't risk impairing your perfomance or comfort levels by pushing through stiff muscles and knots. The TheraBand Roller Massager is the ideal self-massaging tool for maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.

- Helps relax muscle fascia, provide deep muscle and deep massage
- Patent ridge massage surface design, can mobilize the surface and deep tissue at the same time providing massage effect
- Can be used as trigger point therapy
- Made with special polymers, latex free, durable and easy to clean


Thera-Band 滾軸按摩棒

- 有助放鬆肌肉筋膜,按摩深層肌肉及組織
- 專利脊線按摩表面設計, 配合訓練動作, 有助活動表層及深層組織的同時提供按摩效果
- 可利用作激發點刺激治療
- 特別聚合物製造,不含乳膠,耐用及容易清洗


Thera-Band Roller Massager 滾軸按摩棒

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