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Philips HR3658 Avance Collection Blender

50% finer blending* 
With ProBlend 6 3D technology, 1400 watts of power and speeds up to 35,000 RPM, enjoy smoother smoothies and blends with just the right taste and texture. Proven to motivate users to increase fruits and vegetables in their diet.
*Independent lab testing compared to Philips Avance HR2195


  • Advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology
  • Powerful 1400W motor for smoother blends
  • Up to 35000rpm for excellent blending and even healthier smoothies.
  • 2-liter glass jar, so you can make smoothies for everyone
  • Virtually unbreakable tritan tumbler jar
  • Manual mode with variable speeds
  • Preset program dedicated to making smoothies
  • Prepare small quantities quickly with mill attachment
  • Dishwasher safe blender jar
  • Detachable blades for easy rinsing



Philips HR3658Avance Collection 攪拌機

攪拌效能提升 50%* 
憑藉 ProBlend 6 3D 技術、1400 瓦動力及每分鐘高達 35,000 轉的馬達速度,配合攪拌沙冰令其口感幼滑恰到好處,亦能刺激使用者在膳食中增加蔬果。
*與 Philips Avance HR2195 於獨立實驗室測試比較而得出的數據


  • 先進的 ProBlend 6 3D 攪拌技術
  • 強勁的 1,400 瓦馬達,令攪拌更幼滑
  • 每分鐘高達 35,000 轉的馬達速度帶來出色的攪拌效能
  • 2公升玻璃攪拌杯,足夠為大家準備一杯沙冰
  • 堅固耐用的Tritan外攜樽
  • 手動模式備多段速度選擇
  • 預設模式專為製作沙冰而準備
  • 使用乾磨器配件快速處理小量材料
  • 可放入洗碗碟機清洗的攪拌杯
  • 可拆式攪拌機刀片,方便沖洗

Philips HR3658 Avance Collection Blender 攪拌機

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