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Mtr+ Dolito TENS Stimulator  電子止痛機

The Dolito is an inexpensive digital TENS unit for pain management that contains programs with continuous, modulated, burst- or Han-mode. One program is also suitable for muscle stimulation and another one can be customized according to individual wishes. The Dolito includes a therapy-memory that summarizes the time the patient has used the device, and indicates the average intensity used on each channel.


 - 6 programs including 1 customizable program
- 5 different modes (continuous, modulated, burst, Han and W/R)
- Dual channel
- Timer and milliamps displayed on the LCD screen
- Custom program treatment times from 1 minute to 10 hours
- Records time in use and average intensity for each channel
- High safety level to protect the user
- Designed for pain therapy and can be used without any help



Mtr+ Dolito TENS 電子止痛機

Dolito是一款入門級TENS設備,用於疼痛管理,輸出包含連續,調節,脈衝或韓氏電刺激的程式。其中一個程式也可作肌肉刺激,另一個程序則可以自訂。 Dolito更會記錄使用時間及每個頻道的平均電流強度。


- 6個使用程式:5個預設及1個自設程式
- 5種電刺激模式:持續、調頻、陣發、韓氏電刺激及間歇
- 獨立雙頻道輸出
- 可記錄使用時間及每個頻道的平均電流強度
- 自動鎖定電流強度
- 操作簡易,長者適用
- 有效紓緩各種疼痛症狀


Mtr+ Dolito TENS Stimulator  電子止痛機

  • Dual channel Individually isolated circuits
    Waveform Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current
    Amplitude 0 – 80 mA

    Type: Constant Current

    Selectable pulse width 50 µS – 350 µS
    Pulse Rate 1 – 150 Hz
    Ramp up time 0.1 – 9.9 seconds
    Battery Operated by one 9V battery
    Dimension 11.7(L) x 6.6(W) x 3.3(H) cm
    Weight 159 g includes battery
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