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BRUNO Compact Air Fryer 

With the vintage and fashionable appearance, BRUNO Compact Air Fryer comes in 3 colours. Effortlessly airfry for the maximum taste and minimum fat.  Enjoy healthier fried food that’s crispy with up to 90% less fat. 


- IMD soft-touch digital display panel
- Precise electronic time and temperature control
- 1-60 min timer, 80-200°C temperature control
- Timer stops automatically when frying basket is pulled out, and resumes automatically when frying basket is put backed
- 2.6L non-stick frying basket and grill rack
- 1400W powerful hot wind 360° circulatation ensuring even cooking 
- Product Dimensions: 26 (w) x 27 (d) x 26.5 (h) cm 
- Box size: 27.5 (w) x 27.5 (d) x 32.5 (h) cm


BRUNO 氣炸鍋 

外形復古時尚、可愛獨特嘅 BRUNO氣炸鍋 有3款顏色。輕鬆烹調既健康又美味嘅油炸食品,一機多用!烹煮時逼出食材本身的油脂,90% 高效過濾食物油脂,輕鬆減脂!


- IMD輕觸式操控面板
- 電子時間及溫度控制,烹調更精準
- 時間 1-60 分鐘,溫度 80-200°C
- 炸籃拉出時暫停加熱,放回即自動繼續烹調
- 易潔 2.6L 炸籃及濾油架,清潔簡易方便
- 強力 1400W 熱空氣360°循環,令食材均勻加熱
- 產品尺寸:26 (w) x 27 (d) x 26.5 (h) cm
- 包裝尺寸:27.5 (w) x 27.5 (d) x 32.5 (h) cm

BRUNO Compact Air Fryer 氣炸鍋 - White / Pink / Blue Gray

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