breo WOWO S 握握 智能按摩手套



  • 點狀矩陣式按摩,智能按壓氣囊結合手形

  • 內置男女兩種按摩模式,三種力度調節

  • 恆溫熱敷,配備智能溫控技術,高效放鬆肌肉

  • 智能APP 簡單操控,自由選擇按摩手法, 隨心享受

  • 輕巧便攜,無線設計,隨時隨地享受放鬆

  • 親膚內襯,膚感舒適,耐髒易清潔

  • 皮質內襯防水易清潔,可搭配美容手膜使用,以專業按摩滋潤和唤 醒手部肌膚

  • 長續航,內置3000+mAh聚合物鋰電池,安全耐用,充電2小時可 連續使用4小時


    breo WOWO S - Hand Massager
    A newly designed WOWOS’ smart airbag system perfect match your hand shape adjustable in 3 levels massager.Accurate strength gives you an experience become more comfortable relaxation. The dot matrix massage lining design with the newly hot compress function and intelligent temperature control technology to make the muscles more relaxing and care for your hands.  Highly recommend use WOWOS with hand masks to make your hands more moisturizing. 


    • Combines air pressure and heat compression technology to thoroughly cover the entire hand and palm.

    • Built in with male and female massage modes and 3 adjustable intensity levels.

    • Warm massage at optimal heat level that promotes blood circulation.

    • Connect to breo app, which allows you to fully customise the massage by

      setting the time, heat, pressure and frequency.

    • Wireless design, portable and easy to travel with.

    • Comfortable and breathable silk fabric, easy to clean.

    • Waterproof interior. Can be used with hand masks to moisturize your hands.

    • Long standby with 3000+mAh polymer lithium battery. 2 hours of charging gives 4 hours of use time.

    breo WOWO S - Hand Massager

    • 淨重:740 g
      尺寸: 23.5*14.5*9.8 cm 
      充電接口:Micro USB

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