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Withings BPM Connect  

With BPM Connect, taking your blood pressure at home has never been so convenient. The device provides medically accurate blood pressure & heart rate measurements with immediate color-coded feedback on the device. BPM Connect synchronizes seamlessly via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth to the free Health Mate app, where you can see all your data history and share it with your doctor.


  • BLOOD PRESSURE: systolic and diastolic plus heart rate.

  • MEDICALLY ACCURATE: compliant with European medical device standards (EU)

  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS: instant feedback on device and in app

  • COLOR-CODED FEEDBACK: makes blood pressure readings simple and understandable

  • AUTOMATIC DATA SYNC: automatic smartphone sync via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: 6 months of use of the product with one charge

  • SHARE WITH YOUR DOCTOR: easily email your reports to your healthcare provider



Withings BPM Connect 智能血壓計

BPM Connect 令您可安坐家中量度血壓,方便快捷。 該設備提供醫學級準確的血壓和心率測量結果,並在設備上提供即時的顏色編碼反饋。 BPM Connect 通過 Wi-Fi 和藍牙,與免費的Health Mate應用程序無縫同步,您可以在其中查看所有數據歷史記錄並與醫生共享。


  • 血壓:量度心率的收縮和放鬆期
  • 醫療準確:符合歐洲醫療設備標準(EU)
  • 即時結果:設備和應用程序均有即時反饋
  • 色碼反饋:使血壓讀數簡單易懂
  • 自動數據同步:通過Wi-Fi和藍牙自動同步智能手機
  • 可充電電池:充滿電,產品可使用6個月
  • 與您的醫生共享:輕鬆記錄您的報告,分享給您的家庭醫生


Withings BPM Connect 智能血壓計

  • Materials: PC plastic, fabric, metal loop
    Dimensions:60x55x155 mm
    Weight: 250 g
    Display:LED matrix screen
    Connectivity:Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi
    Battery life:Lasts up to 6 months (rechargeable) via micro-USB
    Charging time:Approximately 2 hours to 100%
    Compatibility:iOS (iOS 10+) and AndroidTM (6.0+)
    Storage and memory:Unlimited storage on Withings cloud, and up to 8 measurements without synchronization in Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi
    Application: Health Mate app for iOS and Android

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